JWs and Dinasours

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  • MidwichCuckoo
    What is the JWs position on Dinasours?

    They house 12 of them in Brooklyn, known locally as Jaraczic Park.

  • Narkissos
    I thought the bible said that God created man....then he created animals.

    Yes it's the obvious sequence in the second creation story (Genesis 2:4b--3: man, vegetals, animals, woman).

    But not in the first one (Genesis 1:1--2:4a, which has: vegetals, animals, humans).

    The Genesis redactors apparently were satisfied with juxtaposing the two stories, not even attempting at reconciling them; later generations, however, as they came to (mis-)understand the text as history, felt the need to harmonise. They generally did so by taking the first account literally, then twisting the second one so as to make it appear as the continuation of the first: what happened (the so-called "Fall") after man was created last of all things. As a result, the mentions of creating vegetals or animals had to be treated as flashbacks in this perspective. This completely distorts the understanding of both stories, which are no longer understood as alternatives -- incompatible literally, equally interesting in a literary and philosophical perspective.

  • googlemagoogle

    my mom believes, god made the dinosaurs to get rid of all the huge plants he created back then. LOL


    gotta love that spelling.

  • Leolaia
    gotta love that spelling.

    See also:

    dinosoars: flying reptiles

    dinosseurs: carnivorous connoisseurs of dinosaurs

    dinosores: injured dinos (particularly prey)

    dinoshores: aquatic dinos with coastal habitats

    dinahshores: dinosaur TV and music personalities

  • AlmostAtheist
    dinahshores: dinosaur TV and music personalities

    LOL! That's great!

    Somebody's missing a great chance to make a kid's candy product. "Dinosours" would sell!

    Thunder Lizard Lemon

    Pleisosaur Pucker

    Sour Apple Apotosaurus

    Raspberry Raptor

  • googlemagoogle


    wasn't that "apostasour"?

  • hamsterbait


    Your example of students submitting bones fails to take into account the fact that if they were from animals reared in the 20th century, they will have been contaminated with C14 decay products released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Their food will almost certainly have been thus contaminated, and if they were raised in a city they would absorb these by simply breathing in.

    The WTS thought they had a winning argument when they said that grass growing by a freeway would give a C14 date of thousands of years. Of course, because of the absorption from traffic fumes.

    Any fool knows that a bone buried a thousand years ago will be from an animal that never absorbed modern pollutants. We do not have to point out that the grass argument is facile, as freeways have only existed for around seventy years. It is a simple fact that grass found on geological sites would never have had an automobile drive past it.

    This is the sort of fake clever High School Debating Society argument at which the WTS excels - And the ignorant are too happy to let themselves be fooled by.

    HB ( of "my bedding gives a C14 date of 607 bc" class)

  • Legolas

    The person that I studied with said they did not exist

  • Narkissos

    Isn't it quite telling that, in such issues that would require a little more attention than the umpteenth rehash of the "from-paradise-lost-to-paradise-restored" scenario, JWs actually don't read/understand/remember their own literature?

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    One piece of advice is definitely warranted, and that is, "if you need any logical and reasonable information at all about dinosaurs, the very LAST source worth consulting is the WTBS". Just my two cents.

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