If you were paid to be an active JW, would you accept?

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  • GetBusyLiving

    I would not be able to force myself to do it. The thought of going to the meetings makes me want to vomit.


  • Purza

    No. Working for something I don't believe in would have me go against my own principles. When I was a JW I truly WANTED to believe it. Now that I know "the truth", I could never go back.


  • crownboy

    I'd do it for a high enough salary, but I'd make sure that out in the service that I'd never make an even half way persuasive sermon and be as absolutely bland as possible so that I didn't convert anyone. As far as the stuff that only affects me (meetings, going to convention, etc.), I could find a way to get through it without going absolutely crazy. Like yesterday I went to the District Convention with my parents, and decided to walk with a portable radio so that I could listen to the convention on the FM band . I did all that I could not to cheer when Jason Giambi hit his second home run . All you have to do is find a way to amuse yourself a few hours a week and make some money. Isn't that what a lot of us do at our current jobs anyway?

  • delilah

    I like my job better than I liked being an active JW......so, I'd have to say, NO WAY HOSEA......


  • hamsterbait

    I found/find it hellish enough just doing a fade. I now have too much self respect to become a prostitute for somebody else's profit I'd sooner be a poor but free janitor. Even cleaning toilets.
    I have friends who resigned from well paid jobs in government departments, because the degree of stupidity, cronyism and sycophancy drove them so mad it needed a lobotomy not even their wages could pay for.
    Can you honestly see the FDS paying thousands for my lobotomy, so I can bring in a few cents selling toilet paper? Correction Hamster bedding.


  • JH

    Well, this is coming interesting. I see yes and no's....

    Every Witness sees the new system as their eternal salary.....No JW would want to be a witness without something in return. If there was no new system, no witness would follow the Org.

    So, I wouldn't feel bad to accept this job for a salary.

    But the moment I got home, and not paid anymore, I'd be myself.

  • Mary

    For $100.00/hr I'd do it........let's see, that's $500.00/week just for the meetings. Then there's the prep time; at least another 2 hours for an additional $200.00, plus Service on Sattiday mornings, that's another $200.00.........that's an extra $900.00/week, $3,600.00 a month..........yep, I'd do it!

  • misspeaches

    No I would definately not.

    For starters I could not personally let me self be associated with an organisation that I know is going to impact in a negative way on peoples futures. Secondly I would be so miserable and unhappy in that environment that it wouldn't be worth getting paid.

    I have in the past left a VERY well paying job because of how unhappy I was in it to take a job with a significant pay cut just so I could work somewhere that gave me job satisfaction and I enjoyed.

  • Ingenuous

    Prostitution is against my religion.

  • Legolas

    JH...Have you lost your f***ing mind? That's like asking 'Would you be a hit man for money?'....Same thing they would both ruin lives!!!!!

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