If You Could Be Governing Body Member # 13-----What Would You Do?

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  • blondie

    Actually, the GB has had more than 12 members several times including when it was initially set up in the early 70's, 18 members at one time.

    The GB functions much like most elder bodies, some dominating personalities and others that sit back and let it happen. I think Pole has the only real possibility, gather as much evidence and documentation and leave.

    There is no way to make a rotten apple good again.


  • Finally-Free

    I'd make a copy of their pedophile database and turn it over to law enforcement personel.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Walk in with the authorities and kiss Ted J smack on the lips... maybe even French!

  • Preston

    I'd put a sheet over my head, impersonate the holy spirit, and make them take my orders......

    What.......think it'll work?

    - Preston

  • lawrence

    I'd take over Bethel by force/help of others, then I'd bring in the press and hold a press conference with Apostates. After a few days of take over and press briefings, their craphouse ("Spiritual Paradise") would have received too much BAD PUBLICITY to continue/do damage control. Then it would be time to close the lights, and send the slaves home to a new and brighter life. During my Last Days on the G.B. we would publish the last Watchtower: REVOLUTION at Bethel! and the last AWAKE: Bethelites given the green light to life.,

  • undercover
    BTW----they announced on Thursday that AWAKE! will be only once a month now.

    So what's so new about that? Are the rank and file just now finding out? Geez, ex-JWs know more about what's going on than current JWs.

    Now, if I was the 13th member of the GB...I'd be living it up...Gangsta Guvnah style. Fancy cars, fancy clothes, hitting all the clubs, seducing all the hot JW babes. And all the JWs would worship me and follow me around at the conventions...more cash, more clothes, more babes. Could you see me giving the Sunday talk? The theme would be "Armageshnizzle: God's wizzle on the wickizzle"

  • Terry

    thought was necessary with Hitler.

  • minimus

    Undercover, stop tryin' to act like a black man.

  • minimus

    Did he shoot Hitler?

  • undercover
    Undercover, stop tryin' to act like a black man.

    It works for eminem...

    (how do you know I'm not black...hmmm?)

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