2006 Special Convention only for a select group to be delegates

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  • free2beme

    Yes, to some degree, but they don't exactly make you buy tickets, anyone with enough money could go and they will. As for why, I think it has to do with crowds.

  • Mulan
    In about 1990 only elders and their families could go to the conventions in Poland. I applied, but was only a lowly MS. Couldn't go.

    We went in 1989 (to Poland). Children had to be 10 years old. Our son was 9 but we got approved.

    A couple of years later we applied to go to Ukraine and were approved but couldn't afford it. Soon after that we didn't care anymore.

    Both times, the husband had to be an elder.

  • misspeaches

    What I can judge from past experience is that the International Delegates have a VERY important responsability.

    At an International convention held in Sydney some years ago we had a lot of Japenese ladies arriving in traditional dress. Well what a lot of talk this generated. 'Wasn't it looooverly to see them in their traditional dresses' and 'do you think they still bind their feet' and so forth and so forth. I missed the Friday and the Sunday (alas alack) but one of my friends made sure to tell me how I had missed something great on the Sunday afternoon session. Turns out the Japenese delegates had all sung a kingdumb melody in Japanese no less. My friend told me 'everyone was crying because it was so beautiful how Jehoba unites us' yada yada yaday.

    Not a single mention of anything theocratic...!

  • steve2

    So only those who have pioneered for 15 continuous years can go? That's going to be one very small, lonely and select international crowd. Imagine if you're just one year short of 15 continuous years pioneering and you've just missed out for this "special" occasion. That's got to hurt.

  • ithinkisee

    It is also a subtle way to encourage new fulltime service people to continue.

    It also makes those who are not in ANY fulltime service feel guilty.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I also think it smacks of orchestrating the behavior of those who go as delegates from the U.S.; there have been reports that JWs in less affluent countries were disconcerted by some of the attitudes and behavior of the U.S./Western Nation delegates.

  • googlemagoogle

    i think our elders didn't handle it that strict in the past, but this new selection system is pathetic. i mean, it's like "who dares to apply?". they didn't even say where the conventions would be.

  • Rayvin

    I agree ITHINKISEE- Its a sure fire way to make everyone else that can't go say " see if i had only kept pioneering.." etc.. "Maybe next time!!!!!"

  • doofdaddy

    That's fair enough.Single parents and bastards workin their arses off need not apply, only winners

  • juni

    First off, thanks to all for your replys. TO 3RD: SOCIETY APPROVED DELEGATES GET AID (FINANACIAL?) TO GO OVERSEAS? WHAT IF THEY WANTED TO MAKE A VACATION OUT OF IT? OR IS THAT A NO-NO? PROBABLY THEY HAVE TO AGREE TO HAVE A PART ON A FUTURE SERVICE MTG. TELLING OF THEIR EXPERIENCE?? SO IF AN AVERAGE PUBLISHER WANTS TO GO, HE HAS NO AID FROM THE SOCIETY AND HE IS JUST A REGULAR DELEGATE? Like you said, their term DELEGATE has no real meaning. It still smacks of favoritism. It should be announced and whoever can afford to go and has the time should be able to go. No certain ones being aided by the Society. Otherwise this gets turned into a sweepstakes sort of deal.

    Just more control as I see it. How different from the "world"? NOT!!!! The ELITE get favored treatment. And so it goes.

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