Murphy's law anyone?

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  • JH

    Who would like to add their Murphy's law here.

    I'll start

    Put your brand new car in your parents garage, so that it will stay clean, but when you come back and look at the car in the morning, there's bird sh*t on it.

    Yeah, a stupid bird was trapped in the garage all night, and the damn thing sh*t on my brand new car.

  • carla

    If you water the garden it will rain that evening. carla

  • Ellie

    My bit of Murphy's law happened today.

    I was going to have a bbq but when I got up this morning the sky was grey, so I decided to forget about the bbq and instead went down to the supermarket and bought a ready roasted chicken to have a roast dinner instead, but by the time I came out of the supermarket the sky was blue and the sun was shineing.

    So I came home a little miffed but decided that because it was sunny I could get some laundry done, so I put the things in the machine and by the time the wash was finished the sky had gone grey again.

    Oh, the joys of living in Britain.

  • Elsewhere

    I have a garage with a short driveway at my apartment. It never fails, someone always parks their car in my driveway blocking me in (or out) just when I need to go!

    Since this is an apartment complex it is nearly impossible for me to find the owner of the car. The last time that happened I made the car's alarm go off and waited for the owner to come out so I could give her an ass chewing.

  • Elsewhere

    At work our network is setup so that we can connect from home over the internet. We normally bring our computers home with us every night should we ever need to connect and quickly fix a problem.

    It almost never fails, any time I leave my notebook at work something happens where I end up having to drive back to the office to fix something. All of the other days where I bring it home with me nothing ever goes wrong.

  • karen96

    My hubby almost had it last night. He pitched a tent in the back yard for him and my 5 year old to camp in, he didn't want to waste time putting on the fly tent. I said let's just do it, it's a new tent, and we can see how it all works. Good thing! It started raining last night, and they were dry! They stayed out the whole night!


  • JH

    No matter what direction you drive, the hurricane will go in that direction.

  • mrsjones5

    If you wash your car it will rain later that day.

    If you mop the floor the kids will spill juice or milk on it soon after and not tell you and you will come back to a sticky floor yet again

  • BrendaCloutier

    It's the true optimist that believes in Murphy's Law! You just know if you are going to do something that Muphy will intervene. JH... you shudda known!

    We just filled up our little freezer in the garage with meats and preprepared meals. The door didn't get shut completely, and the freezer thawed!

    At least we caught it before the contents got warm and much was still frozen. We refroze everything in the house freezer.

    Now to make Lemonade out of lemons... we turned off the freezer to continue the thaw process, then cleaned it and let it freeze again before moving food back out. It was in need of being defrosted anyway! Ha!

  • Cygnus

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