Hookah? Anyone?

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  • sonnyboy

    I'll have to tell my cousin about this one...

  • Elsewhere
    Yeah, I've smoked one as well. My husband tasked me with acquiring a hookah before he came home for R&R. I searched on Ebay for them. I actually found a really nice one. It was way reasonably priced (19.95 + 10.00 shipping) It is authentic (from Egypt) and works very well. It is very pretty as well. The seller's id was: iseetreasures if you are interested in checking out what they have.

    I have thought about buying one too... as a "show piece" of course.

    I've tried one at the Velvet Hookah bar and was very impressed. I have a very hard time smoking cigarettes or anything that involves inhaling smoke... so I simply don't smoke... except for the Hookah. The smoke from a hookah is very smooth and has a very nice aroma to it.

    I’ve heard that a lot of the people going over to the middle east are coming back wanting to get a hookah… one try and most are very impressed.

  • talesin

    hehehe, too bad y'all don't live in Canada ... they are all over the place here, in the Arab shops .... no need to 'bring one back' or order off the 'net.


  • Sunnygal41

    When I was in Las Vegas last year, my friends and I went for a walk.........OMG.......I don't recommend you walk in Vegas in the summer..........while we were there, the temp. reached 108...........my friends were dumping bottles of water over me to keep me cool as I am a bit "Zaftig" and hence sweat more easily..............so, anyways, lol, we went to a tented area, like a little marketplace and a guy had a hookah going with some tobacco in it and we all tried it.............you have to be very careful not too inhale deeper than you are used to with one of these as the smoke is so smooth you can't even tell how much you are inhaling! Don't get me wrong...........I smoke, but not tobacco. But, even with that, I don't inhale deeply. I never smoked in my life either before I became a dub or after leaving them, 'til I started smoking weed at age 42. I've come to accept I will never be a heavy inhaler...........I just don't want to put my lungs thru it...........besides, I still get the same effect.........so, it's all good!

  • Sunnygal41

    Tal!!!!!! 'Sup, Girlfriend?! LOL! I live in a college town, Wesleyan, and have a "headshop" AND Indian merchandise and food stores, as well, so, I'm all set. But, I did a search on the 'net, and found they are extremely extremely reasonable in price..........around the $20.00 US range...........that's how much they were in Vegas also.

    Sunny of the "mellow yellow" class

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I haven't used a hookah, or what we sometimes called a waterpipe since my days as a teenage pothead before the watchtower entered my life. I have see a show on tv showing clubs where you can smoke them with regular tobacco. It looks like it would be fun to try sometime. If the only time you smoked was when you went to one of these places it probably wouldn't do you much harm like occasional cigar or pipe smoking.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Last time I saw one was where a bunch of 12-14 year olds were smoking opium from it in a blown out retail store in downtown Cairo. Was a pretty schocking sight for me to see.

  • damselfly

    I don't know what you mean by expensive, but they are around 30 or 40 bux I think. Phoenicia Foods at North & Agricola, and also MaryJane's Smoke Shop. I will check around town and let you know.


    Thanks Tal! That would be great. The couple who owned it said they got it on a shop on Dutch Village rd. They splurged a bit and got a fancy one. I never even thought about MaryJanes The difference between a bong and hookah is quite a bit in my opinion. I much prefer the hookah.


  • googlemagoogle

    a bong and a hookah are not the same things. a bong is made of glass and usually only used for weed. a hookah is made for (special, usually fruit-flavoured) tobacco - weed won't work well with it, this is a common misconception - made of different parts, usually glass, metal and porcellain.

    i got a hookah. i'm not sure about health risks yet though. there are different opinions...

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I tried one at a party a couple of months ago. They put in some cherry tobacco from the Mid-East. It was smooth, flavorful and really nice.


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