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  • sammielee24

    How many people know of someone in the Truth that committed adultery for the sole purpose of divorcing?

  • stillajwexelder

    I know quite a few and sat on the JCs of some that did

  • mrsjones5

    *Raises hand* I do.

  • Undecided

    My JW wife did this so I could be free to remarry if I chose to. This was 33 years ago. We were happly married for 16 years and all of a sudden she wouldn't have sex with me and wanted a divorce. I never understood the reason why she did this. She never told me why. I can't remember asking either. This was a crazy time in my life. She said she had sex with her hair dresser and told the COs. We had moved to DC from NC, so I moved back home to my old job and stayed there untill I retired. I married my current worldly wife two years later(1974) and have been happy since then. Sometimes I wonder what happened, but why worry about the past.

    Several years ago I heard she had married a guy with grown children and was happily married. I am glad she is happy. Haven't talked to her in 25 years or more.

    Ken P.

  • sammielee24

    When you heard people tell you this was the reason for them committing a sin, what were your thoughts? Was a typical JW twist of 'Jehovah would have taken care of it'?....if Witnesses would only THINK...I mean, if fornication = divorce and is the only absolute way to remove yourself from that life then we now force people to commit sins. Then to add to that whole issue is the issue of scriptural divorce - the JW notion that the innocent party must marry first or else the other party is forever guilty of adultery if he/she engages in another relationship. Very interesting but pathetically stupid path toward righteousness when people move around a lot - therefore, the innocent party decides to screw someone or marry another person without the other person knowing so that poor fool spends the rest of his/her days alone and miserable - all in the name of what? ...oh..and then there's the 2 witness rule to that scenario thrown in for good measure.....

  • thom

    I had a roomate years ago who did. Twice by the time we met, and then again years later. He's now reinstated again (got df'd the 2nd and 3rd time) and is active. Tried to "help" me a few months ago when he heard I was inactive.

  • karen96

    There were at least two bad marriages in my old cong, where the couple were just living in the same house, in separate bedrooms, waiting for the other to crack first. Is this scenario better? Can the elders sit there and say this is preferable instead of divorcing? What about the children in those households, having this "role model" as a marriage?

    In my opinion, if you are unhappy, get out, preferably without breaking your vows. But I can see where a person thinks committing adultry to end their marriage and get a divorce is their only option.


  • Elsewhere

    I know of no one in "The Truth" who did this... but I am aware of quite a few Jehovahs Witnesses who did.

  • avishai

    I knew of a lady back east who's elders told her that she could'nt divorce her husband and be free to remarry, as him molesting their kids was'nt technically cheating. So, she did that.

  • prophecor

    I've seen it happen, I ain't one to cast the blame and shame on somebody elses relationship, but when I saw it happen, I was soured out about it. Especially elders who had years of service, one of whom had a congregation of chilren to let go of whilst his wife was left to care for them all. It is one of the most disturbing things I was witness to after leaving the troof.

    When I saw the brother a few years ago, he was one of the ones who sat on my JC, I was surprised to see him, then he pointed out to me the beard thing he was wearing, that I'd never even paid attention to and then it hit me. He told me how he was no longer one of them but out of the Borg, I was unaware of JWD at the time, yet and still when he relayed the info to me, I cried for him, right there on the spot and wished him well. I can't judge him, as I left the troof for similar reasons, I, however, just didn't happen to be married. I still think of him often.

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