FORTY New JW Dating Game

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  • Poztate

    The other night I watched as my wife did her usual pre-study for the study. I became increasingly puzzled as a flurry of activity ensued. The Revelation book was hauled out along with the Insight books and a few WT volumes. A calculator was produced and used extensively. I saw a number of notes being made on a piece of paper. Thinking that maybe this wasn't a real study but mabe a calculation of how much alimony she could get if she dumped me for a good upstanding JW elder I took a peek when she was out of the room and found this...........


    Flood 40 days 40 nights

    Isaac 40 years old when married Rebekah

    Esau 40 years old when married Judith

    Israelites wandered 40 years

    Moses in mountain 40 days and nights

    Spied out the promised land 40 days

    Joshua 40 years old when he spied out the land

    Othniel judge of Israel – peace on the land for 40 years

    Israel given into the hands of the Philistines 40 years

    Goliath took his position before Israel for 40 days

    David reigned for 40 years

    Solomon reigned for 40 years

    Elijah sustained for 40 days 40 nights

    Jehoash reigned 40 years

    Ezekiah carried error of Judah 40 days and nights (day for a year)

    Land of Egypt desolated 40 years

    Jonah preached that Ninevah would be overthrown in 40 days

    Jesus fasted 40 days and nights in wilderness

    Jesus seen for 40 days after resurrection

    Moses in Midian for 40 years (before thornbush)

    Saul ruled for 40 years

    Jehovah gave man 120 years to flood from warning ( 3 x 40)

    2,520 years (63 x 40)

    1914 & 40 & 40 & 20 (3 ½ times) = 2014

    1975 & 40 – 2015

    In spite of the obvious error on line 24 my wife in her frantic scribblings had also come up with a date of 2014/2015 for the start of Armageddon (october no less)


    Please all you good little POZTATE™ boys and girls get out your calculators and confirm this NEW LIGHT that has come out. It might not be too late for us to sneak back into the Borg before the end comes. LOL

    THE REALITY...When main stream rank and file dubs like my wife (a lifer) are looking into garbage like this it shows something lacking with the "spiritual food" being provided by the FDS and GB.

    They are not happy with the resurrection hope and the idea of "no regrets" brought out at the last DA. They need a GOOD APOCALYPSE and they need it NOW.

    They are beginning to slow down on the hamster wheel of life that they are on and are not a happy bunch. I am sure it will continue to go downhill from here.

    Anybody know where Forty started from...A good JW site no doubt.


  • daystar
  • AlmostAtheist

    Sorry Poztate! It's hard enough when you see them so thoroughly blinded, but to see them setting a date 10 years out... ouch.

    There's always the hope that some little twinkling of reasoning will jar her out of it, it's happened to many here on this board. Maybe it happened to you. Hang in there.


  • DannyHaszard

    Growing up in a devout old time JW clan i can identify,reminds me of my JW grandad bedtime stories on the pyramids.

    Lets see-the numbers 3 (three emphasis) 6 (six imperfect satan's number) and 7 (seven perfect number) month of october (jehovers month)

  • luna2

    With the Mayan calendar there, even though they aren't supposed to take such pagan stuff into account, I'll bet they'll be able to work up a real good buzz for 2012/2014. I can't blame them really. Without a goal to work towards, living the JW life just isn't much fun.

  • prophecor

    Those are some startling calculations. They could get the sincere wanna be'er to want to lean in that direction. Looks good on paper, but borders on presumptuousness to me. A desperate attempt to fudge the mumbers. Interesting concept though. Damn, maybe I better get my insight books out and do some rethinking of the situation, afterall. Geeze, is there really still time?

  • candidlynuts

    omg i'm going back to the kh..i'm FORTY years OLD! lol

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Why not use the Mayan end-time "prophecies"?

    The Mayans built pyramids, just like the Egyptians. Maybe Chuck Russell just picked the wrong group of pyramid builders - maybe the mayan pyramids are "the Bible in stone."

    Look - it's been 77 years since Judge Rutherford decided the whole pyramid scheme was demonic.

    SEVENTY-SEVEN years! that's got to mean something! Time for that old light to be new again, methinks!

  • jaffacake

    This reminds me of I book I bought but haven't read yet "Purpose Driven Life". It mentions how 40 (especially 40 days) is an important feature in the Bible. So it breaks the book into forty short chapters - so we read it in 40 days.

  • jaffacake

    How do JWs answer when folks point out Scriptures such as Jesus words in Luke 21:8 when Jesus spoke of men who would come saying:

    “the time is very near now”

    and he counselled “never follow men like that”

    Is this one of the many Scriptures that are invisible to JWs and other Millennialists?

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