Good Memories

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  • Cygnus

    I love sand. It represents and is billions of years of history.

  • ithinkisee
    Coming down stairs at Cristmas time and seeing: NEW BIKES FOR ALL US KIDS WITH BOWS ON THEM............Santa was good to us that year..........

    I remember mine too. My first bike was one I got for Christmas. -ithinkisee

  • Cygnus

    It must be nice to have such fine Xmas memories. Mine involve shoveling snow or dressing warmly and then selling magazines written by old people I never met. Edited to add: Sorry Joel, I forgot you wanted this to be GOOD memories. So............ one or about Dec 25, 1985 we had a massive snow storm of over 6 feet and I was a paperboy and it took me 6 hours but I delivered every damned paper. Proud of myself.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Visiting my grandparents in Indiana, just us grandkids. We would play with the worldly kids. Croquet, everyday. Swimming beach nearby, forth of July, with all of their old friends adoring us. Sleeping out in their screened in back porch, watching lightning bugs. Waking in the morning to Bob Whites. These are happy memories. But i'm misty eyed. HL

  • joelbear

    Driving through the Olympic Mountains with beauty on all sides. Sitting on a piece of driftwood letting the cool wind from off the Pacific brush over me.

  • talesin

    Summers in the country ...

    Haying ... I was always the 'stower', getting to be in the horse-drawn wagon, I would fork the hay around while the others threw it up into the wagon. After we had finished, we spent fun times jumping from the hayloft in the barn into the big pile on the lower level.

    Fishing ... walking down the road, fishing pole and worm can in hand on a hot summer's day, to the brook. Working my way up the brook through the cool, deep woods, finding good fishing holes. The excitement of hooking a huge salmon one time, and seeing it leap out of the brook, its silvery body flashing in the dappled summer sunshine, just before it escaped.

    Swimming ... screaming and laughing as my cousins dunked me in the freezing cold water of the cove.

    Chickens ... collecting the eggs in the chicken coop, and having fresh eggs for breakfast. Scattering the seed around, watching the chickens scramble for every last one.

    Frog pond ... wading into the frog pond wearing my grandfather's oversized wellies, and gathering some eggs to put in a bottle ... watching them hatch into tadpoles, and watching the development as they grew their legs and their tails fell off, releasing them back into the pond.

    Ahhhh, good memories ...


  • Elsewhere

    I can't tell you... it's a secret!

  • minimus

    realizing that my baby daughter was born healthy---as it was touch and go for a while.

  • katiekitten

    What beautiful memories - moved me to tears.

    Uncle Mike walking me over Howley moor and finding a small radio broken into 2 pieces. Uncle Mike put it together for me and it worked! I loved that little radio. I remember listening to it in a Chemistry class once (and i was a swot, so that was a BIG deal for me!)

  • Sassy

    Walking along the beach called Flood Bay with my mom and brother and sister which is along the shores of Lake Superior.. looking for agates.. roasting marshmellows.....

    as an adult.. on a 30 foot crestliner, Sawyer Brown played on the deck, everyone (cept Captain Bob) with either a beer in hand or wine cooler... climing out to the front on the bow of the boat.. feeling the air blow through my hair.. the water around us.. thinking does life get any better than this???

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