Who's the Pope of the Jehovah's Witnesses now?

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  • inquirer

    I have seen on the 2nd page of the Watchtower M. H. Larson.... what's his first name? Is he the "Pope?"

    I have forgotten a lot of things about JW structure.

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    i believe that jesus became the invisible pope when jehovah gave him the big hat in 1914


  • skyman

    My PO. I sorry I thought you were toking on the local level. It must be M. H. Larson

  • inquirer

    Yeah but what does M. H. Stand for? I rechecked it. It says he's the president.

    Just interested in knowing what his name is.

  • lawrence


    I met Max Larson on a few occasions. Not sure what the H stands for. He is the President of the W.T. N.Y. Corporation, one of many WT legal corporations. No popes, just old cranky men with the power to cause life and death (to those who believe their fables and lies).

  • Cygnus

    In comparitive terms, Theo Jaracz is the pope. Max Larson, Don Adams, etc. are presidents of cooperations that facilitate Watchower business. Jaracz is still running the show. Henschel was the last president who was also on the GB but I don't think he knows how to tie his shoes or what an email is.

  • inquirer

    DON ADAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "YOU MISSED THE TRUTH BY THAT MUCH!"

  • Gozz

    Max H. Larson's name appears on page 2 of the Watchtower because he's he president of the New York corporation; Don A. Adams 's the president of the oldest corporation of Pennsylvania, and I suppose, should be the figurehead "pope". But the president isn't really the "pope". There's a nasty old nut called Jaracz on the governing body; he's the freaking pope.

    And you could alway stest how much JWs know (or not) about their Watchtower coporations; they don't know Larson (some 're almost outraged when told his name appears in every Watchtower edition) and 're almost certainly ignorant of Don Adams. You could add a bit of intrigue by mentioning the Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses; that's almost sure to freak them out; yet, it is about 5 years old already.


  • RichieRich

    but you have to remember the function of the pope:

    to wear goofy clothes,

    wave to people,

    die a dramatic death.

    I nominate Carey Barber.

  • skyman

    I nominate RichieRich now that he has his privileges back!!!

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