They Came at me at work.......

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  • Soledad

    Oh I wish they would come into my job and try to witness! I have quite a few choice words for those folks!

  • out of the box
    out of the box

    As I read this, it occured to me... Why not say the word "NO"? It is ashame that we ALL think of the stuff we want to say AFTER someone else catches us off guard!

    I practice in front of the mirror and with my husband sometimes what I want to say. Like for example, a co-worker kept 'dropping bombs' on me during the day. They were all similar and always while I was so busy! Stupid stuff to get me mad. So, I told my husband and we practiced a 'quick' response that would shoot back. It works! A great one my husband taught me if something 'strange is said' to get you mad, just laugh! I would NEVER have thought of that! So, the next time this 'snake' came at me to get me going, I laughed and said 'You are so silly'. That got him so pissed, he had to go off and waste his few minutes trying to figure me out and I was back to work and not riled!

    A practiced answer for JWs could be "Some other time" with a smile. Or, "Let's make an appointment". Apparantly there is some SICK motive for talking to ANYONE at WORK! That shows all other coworkers what is going on in your PRIVATE life! So, if you take the literature, there is a POSITIVE conclusion you will start being persecuted for being a JW right away! That is WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE for ANYONE who may really be interested to stay with it, don't you think?

    out of the box

  • katiekitten
    I felt like she was treating me like a fresh piece of territory

    Yea, its really dehumanising isnt it - they have a knack of making you feel so 'unspecial', like a product or a placement, a unit.

    It would have got me real mad too.

    Once my cousin, whose an elder, invited me round (odd, hes never done that before) and proceeded to make us watch a 20min promotional video for a pyramid scheme. I was livid! How dare he see his own flesh and blood as a selling opportunity? Its exactly the same as what that 'sister' did to you with the magazines. GRRRR.

  • AuntieJane

    I would get up from my desk and personally escort the JW to meet my supervisor/boss...and after a polite introduction, Directly tell my boss that Ms. so and so is here as a JW, spreading religious information. " I thought you might need to know about this" ...then, turn and walk away. They won't be back.


  • Finally-Free

    About 25 years ago, before I was a JW, I was working in a machine shop when a couple of JWs came in and started witnessing™ to us. My boss had stepped out for a few minutes. They went from person to person and machine to machine trying to sell their watchtowers. It was really stupid of them, considering they had no business being on a factory floor without safety shoes, protective eyewear, etc. Maybe they thought Jehover would protect them from injury.

    Just before they got to me my boss came back in and saw them. He immediately screamed at them, telling them to "Get the f*ck out and sell your f*cked up religion somewhere else. I don't pay my guys to listen to your f*cking shit!"

    They immediately gave up their pioneer™ stroll and ran like hell for the exit. It made my day.


  • katiekitten

    Finally free - I get the whole story except the bit at the end where you THEN become a Jehoobahs Witless!!

    Guess you had to learn the hard way, huh?

  • Finally-Free
    Guess you had to learn the hard way, huh?

    Yeah, I got conned into it a few years later by my JW mom. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who has to learn everything the hard way.


  • sweet tee
    sweet tee
    I don't want to be nasty, but I have a job to do. If they want to "encourage" me, then they are welcome to do it on THEIR time, not count the time in service.

    If that's the way you feel you should be able to tell them exactly that. JW women are taught and expected to be submissive - well that crap's over for us. We (myself included) need to be more assertive. I don't speak up about every little thing I find irritating, but I do tell people how I feel and why much, much more readily than I used to. Whether people always get the point is not the issue, I do it to make ME feel better. Then I'm not stewing over the situation because of what I DIDN'T say, or thinking of what I could have said.

    sweet tee

  • delilah

    Soledad....I love that little guy!!!!! Out-of-the-box...I always manage to find the "right" things to say, AFTER the fact.. It does help to do a little practise rehearsal....thanks..Scully....that's a terrific idea, I think I'll make a little sign for my area, think they'll get the hint????

    Auntie Jane....that's a sweet idea...escort them to the boss and let her know what's going on....

    Finallyfree.....that's too funny! I can just see them running for their rediculously stupid for them to enter a job-site wearing no protection.....DUH!!!!

    Miss Peaches...I agree, I've never heard a word from anybody, since I left...not even a phone call, or a personal visit. I like it this way, mind you, BUT, how rude to show up at my work all high and preachy!!!

    Damselfly, I'm not too sure how my boss would handle it, if at all. She's quite a soft-hearted person...

    Sweet Tea...You are so right! I've been doing better, speaking up for myself. It's not an easy task sometimes, when we've been trained to do otherwise. Thanx all, you've given me plenty of options...

  • Mary

    How totally pathetic Dee...........seeing as this was a relative of mine that did this to you, they'll be no Christmas presents for them this year, that's fer sure.

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