bugs in your head...

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  • zev

    she's hot!

  • Scully

    Prevention: tea tree oil shampoo; also very important is teaching your kids not to share hats, combs, brushes, etc, or to store them in a common area in the classroom. Little kids typically put their belongings in "cubby holes" where a misplaced hat or headband can infest someone else's outdoor clothes. Older kids have their own lockers, so that tends to reduce the frequency of outbreaks of lice with that age group.

    When they get into the age where they are interested in dating, the prospect of catching lice from a kid they like can be very useful in reining them in from getting physical before they know the other person. Not that I've ever resorted to such an underhanded method with my kids...

  • morty

    Wow, some good advice here....

    I washed my hair and my kids hair this morning with the Tee-Tree oil...I did not know the formula for the amount of drops to put on so, I just went nuts and added about 7-10 good drops to my hair and not so many on the boys as mine is very long....All I have is the really concentrated stuff...

    I have had someone go though our hair and everthing seems to be a big 10-4 and we have a good clean bill of health for now...lol..

    Seems to me though, that tee-tree oil really makes your hair feel dry and I already have dry enough hair cause it is so curly...

  • delilah

    Hi Morty.....just use the tea-tree oil, and check everyone's hair periodically....We've only experienced head lice once, in all these years. It was about 9 years ago, and let me tell you, I almost went crazy. I sat the kids down every day, about three times and went through their hair,(the boys were just little, one was only a year and a half). My daughter was the one who came home with it.....my husband finally said, "quit picking at them every time they sit down". I was determined to get rid of the filthy things A.S.A.P....But, my husband and I never got them, the boys had only a few, but my daughter was loaded....and she had long hair. I took out my scissors and cut it short, we got the special shampoo, and went thru her hair religiously,until they were gone. I also washed and cleaned ALL the bedding, the furniture, threw the pillows into a hot dryer for 45 minutes....I went nuts...but we got rid of them, and (knock on wood) we've never had them back. There is always ONE family, for whatever reason,( usually laziness,) who never seems to take the time to care, and get rid of them, so they keep re-infesting the other kids. It's really disturbing. Hang in there, don't panic.....


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