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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    So there's a question about whether people "believe" in cabin dating? I understand the WT has tried to shed some doubt on the process, in an attempt to show that history doesn't prove the bible to be inaccurate.. But he was the one who was surprised YOU believed in it? Never heard that one before. 

    I like your line of questioning. It could be adapted for a fader or "in" person to get someone to think. Some JWs like to try to prove that JWism aligns with the facts. These are great questions for those people. 

    well done

  • smiddy

    Your " friend"  thinks he`s a genius , the Governing body think they are chosen by God .,just a few simple questions prove they are both delusional .


    Did Einstein actually show you his MENSA certification etc ??
  • WheninDoubt

    Science is an accumulation of other people’s view of life and space. That does not mean it is exact as you wish to place it. In everything none biblical, Time and space are gathered by theory, conjecture and hypothesis. You don’t have to be a genius to be intelligent, However you do have to be intelligent to believe in a greater being than man.

    The same overture is often said between creationist and evolutionist.

    The flood cannot be measured as a catastrophic event since it engulfed the entire planet. Science can only prove events that are visible to the eye, and surmise it by placing dates on them. Dates that have no origin other than calculated by man through centuries of existence. Calculations that can’t be proven as exact but passed on as infallible. Man hasn’t the means to confirm what is out of their understanding such as creation. That’s why creation is based in faith. Many genius have made claim, from creation to evolution by different points of view. Yet none can explain by submission a physical aspect in life’s formation other than by speculation.

    The words of Christ was to understand fully of what his father was all about. Many lacking proper understanding create a void within their mental state to see clearly what the BIBLE illustrates from the Old Testament and ratified in the New Testament for the benefit of humanity.

    Different skin pigmentation can easily be achieved by different races of the same race. What was once looked as evil or cheating within races, can now be proven by generational traits. Genetics within science has broken down the Geno sequence to become understandable. However early man which includes such persons like Noah and his family had an accumulative markers since they were closer to perfection than man is today. That made their sequence vast.

    All in all, people continue to make arguments of things they themselves lack. Yet they continue to praise themselves that all things are possible if you lack understanding and faith. Could man have been with Dinosaurs it’s possible since archaeology finds ape shaped skulls and calls them Neanderthal and not knowing the exact extent of how life was in the garden of Eden or how God’s life force shaped this universe to an extent that physical matter could have occupied the same space? Can there be life other than this universe, sure, it’s called the angelic plain. Did man see ancient space men, aliens, it’s possible since the bible described about the fallen angels?

    There is no true conspiracy or controversy greater than the mindset of people attempting to prove something by displaying how unknowledgeable humanity really is. Thank you for your intelligence!!!!!!

  • Splash
    Barrold Bonds Anyone have that quote wrt dinosaurs and humans living at the same time?

    The closest I could find was this WT quote, but in true WT style it never nails it's colours to the mast.

    *** w73 7/15 p. 447 Questions From Readers ***

    ...this would mean that dinosaurs were created on the fifth “day.” (Gen. 1:21) We do not know whether they continued to exist until man was created (toward the close of the sixth “day”). At the very latest it seems likely that they must have disappeared off the earth at the time of the flood of Noah’s day.

  • cofty

    WhenInDoubt - I'm not sure if your post is satire or you really are that ignorant of basic science.

    That’s why creation is based in faith

    Faith is what people do when they are too lazy/afraid/delusional to deal with reality.

  • Vidiot

    So, the (supposedly) less intelligent guy says, "the evidence suggests there was no Flood", and the (supposedly) more intelligent guys says, "stop shitting on me!"...

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers
    Genius JW?  oxymoron indeed!
  • sir82

    There is no true conspiracy or controversy greater than the mindset of people attempting to prove something by displaying how unknowledgeable humanity really is.

    ...he said without a trace of irony.....

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