Invisible Pink Unicorn's Nemesis????

by Fe2O3Girl 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Ah. It seems the Purple Oyster of Doom has been transforming himself into a Blue Oyster of Doom. Sneaky.

  • Sirona

    Listen. The invisible pink unicorn has different aspects.

    So sometimes she likes to be the blue (interchange with purple) oyster (of doom) - usually when its nearly the full moon and she's premenstrual.


  • Fe2O3Girl

    I have had a sign from the IPU. She raptured one of my socks today; then returned it in the next load of washing. I will be wearing the raptured sock at Sirona's birthday bash. Amongst other things. I currently resemble nothing so much as a fertility goddess, so birthday suit wearing would probably cause widespread distress.

  • ballistic

    Ever seen someone get a load of chinese letters for a tatoo only to later find out they spell "b*llocks"?

    The chinese wording on this shirt spells "Cow Elephant Chicken Lucky Unicorn Dragon Crane Liu Shallow"

    My nomination is the "Cow Elephant Chicken Lucky Unicorn Dragon" whatever that is.

  • MerryMagdalene

    The Invisible Pink Unicorn may reveal Herself to those who come to Her in love and trust and She shows infinite mercy to the directionally challenged and especially those who march to their own beat...left, right, right, left...about face!

    ~Merry (of the "Paradise is just a hop, skip and a jump away" class)

  • BrendaCloutier
    Thermonuclear Tabby

    I have it on good authority that the above mentioned Diety is THE Diety of the ages. This from our youngest, Tane' kitten, also known as Tonster the Monster, or Tane' the Terror.

    However, my avatar, Princess, is in a huff, as she believes her calling is as "She who must be obeyed!"

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