How do I celebrate birthdays? Or Xmas?

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  • Rayvin

    I just recently started having B-days in the past couple of years for my kids. They were a flop!I didn't know when to bring the cake out.. when to sing "happy b-day" or anything. I felt like an idiot!Only 3 kids showed up and no one elsed called to even say they weren't coming. It seems to be my luck w/ any party I try to get together. This years party for my oldest is gonna be small w/ just a few friends- None from school since school just started she doesn't know anyone to invite yet and its 4 days away. We are having Cupcakes and fun w/ sprinklers and the trampoline and presents. Then the next day we are going to a wave pool. Maybe to chuck-e-cheese even.

    About X-mas = i had my first real one last year. - When do you go through your stocking stuffers? When do you start putting up lights and the tree? I need the scoop on this stuff being a newbie and all. What is the normal to do xmas eve then xmas day?-- I want the dream... the piano and singing carols.. the works!!

  • PaulJ


    I know what you mean. im fortunate enough to be around family that were never witnesses so i just go with the flow. Saying that, i act like a total kid at christmas, i had my first proper one last year as well. I think there no right or worng was of celebrating- you make your own rules up. If i was to start celebrating things like this on my own- i'd just copy what they do on films or soap operas!!!!

  • Rayvin

    Thats how it felt though. It felt as if I was acting and pretending to be excited. Will this feeling pass? I hope so.

  • damselfly

    I'm clueless when it comes to stuff like this as well. I have friends that always got their favourite meal on their B'day. As far as the cake I think that can come out whenever and just sing as you're carrying it?

    Make up your own traditions for Christmas. Some families let the kids open a gift on the night before. Others let the kids wake up early and tear into the stockings before everyone is up.

    I turn into a 4 year old on my b'day and christmas, I love it!


  • ohiocowboy

    I usually can't wait to set up for Christmas. I start decorating the first week in November. To get into the "Spirit" I play Christmas music while setting up. You can have your kids help decorate, so that they feel that they are part of it, and you can even get stuff at craft stores, so that they can make some of their own ornaments, which can be used year after year, and they become nice keepsakes. Stocking stuffers get opened up here the night before Christmas, as a prelude to the opening of the presents on Christmas morning.

    In regards to the holidays, it is trial and error, as we are not really used to them. It is how much of our heart that we put into it that really matters, even if we think that it didn't turn out as planned. That is what counts...

  • GoingGoingGone

    I feel the same way!! I haven't celebrated a holiday since I was 6 years old. I sent a birthday card to my dad recently... But I'm planning to buy some Christmas gifts this year. I'll get gifts for my df'd relatives, but who else? Do I send anything to my family whom I rarely see? How about neighbors? I have no 'holiday ettiquite'... no clue.



  • Legolas

    Birthday parties.....Have something fun like pool/pizza party,then the kids should show up. My sisters used to have it at a hotel, everything was there because they usually have kids specials. Plus there is no mess to clean up!!

    Christmas ahhhhhhhh!!!!! That used to be my favorite time of the year!!!!! I CAN"T wait!!!!!

    I would always go through the stocking first, because they are the smaller gifts, then I would work my way up to the biggest!!!!

  • carla

    Oh how I love to hear about those of you who are celebrating for the first time or are new at it! Christmas - some people put up lights and all the day after Thanksgiving! that's a bit early for me though. Any time you feel like it is fine. Stockings--hmmm, here is where you have to decide if you will do St. Nicks, which I think is around the 5th or so, we never did it growing up, (my mom always said it was a Catholic thing, we were Lutheran) so we got our stockings filled Christmas Eve. Woke up to presents and stockings on top of our presents (Santa removed them from the fireplace when filling). Until all this jw shit, we had lovely holidays. Food traditions, fire, music, the works! I still do all of that but it isn't the same. Some people open one present on Christmas Eve. I still do not put presents/stockings out until everybody is in bed. Even though the kids are older and it really wouldn't matter. No guessing that way! Also, my kids look forward to some small gift of some sort in their stocking with some candy. Another nice Christmas tradition my family has always had is my mom and now me, buy an ornament every year for the kids. It is put out when the presents go under the tree. In the morning they look forward to finding it. When they move out they will have enough ornaments to fill their own tree. We also make at least one type of ornament every year. Something my kids find funny now is that I always had to sign Santa in a different type of writing than my own and still have some presents from me!

    Birthdays for kids can be dicey. Depends on the age. I have usually said every other year they get a big party. Now with jw crap, I now allow it every year and make it bigger and better if possible. When the kids are young they almost have to invite every kid (boys or girls only) in the class. Some ideas that my kids have been to or I have had, some are totally against any jw rules, just to warn you---- YMCA, swim, games, climb the rock wall, etc.. Chucky Cheese-- Mystery Parties seem big right now, find story lines on the internet or make up yourself--- Pizza (kids make their own) movie, sleep over-- sport theme, kickball, volleyball, badmitten, etc... then cake and presents-- Games and craft (girls) then cake & presents--- makeover parties, face masks, fingernail polish etc...sleepover--- Tea party, come complete in tea attire!--bowling, then the parents can car pool, bowl then cake & presents-- rollerskating--neighborhood scavenger hunt (or just in your yard)

    With kids parties just make sure to set a time limit. Ask the child how long they think all this will take then subtract some time, gets rid of the whinny, crying, fighting time when everybody's sugar rush is wearing off!

    good luck, carla

  • joelbear

    the real fun of it is making your own traditions, picking out your favorite xmas songs, wrapping stuff in a certain way, how you hand out presents, my friends and i used to alternate who would be santa claus every year. Mitch and I put up lights around the first of december. we have a giant penguin holding a candy cane. we don't put up a tree, we don't have room.

    do it your way! have fun!

  • Purza
    When do you start putting up lights and the tree?

    We put up the lights and got the tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I don't suppose there is any set date to do this, but I know some go out and get their tree on x-mas eve. I personally liked having the tree in the house for the month of December. I believe it is all personal preference.

    What is the normal to do xmas eve then xmas day?--

    For us (this is two years of experience speaking LOL), we opened one present each on x-mas eve and the rest on x-mas morning. I have the bread maker set for x-mas morning so we can have that nice aroma and then after breakfast and presents the three of us (me, hubby & daughter) go out to see a movie. We just spend the day together and it has been quite nice. Again -- personal preference. Perhaps you can start your own traditions?


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