annoying the JWs

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  • GetBusyLiving

    I nearly ran over a couple dubs in my car once on the way home from the gym. They looked pretty annoyed. I smiled and waved.


  • Finally-Free

    Want to annoy JWs? Just go to any coffee shop on any Saturday at 11 AM. Have a coffee while you read your copy of COC.


  • logansrun

    Why would anyone want to needlessly annoy someone else? It's childish, a waste of time and only serves to strengthen the JW conviction that ex-JWs are irritable people hell-bent on revenge.

    Personally, I would go out of my way to HELP the JWs. Smile at them. Ask them how they are SINCERELY. They're HUMAN BEINGS just like you.



  • damselfly

    Who me?

    Yes, I do. I don't do it to be mean or vindicitive. I do it in the hopes that they will think about their actions as JW's.


  • dedpoet

    I think I used to annoy them more when I was still one of them. Most of the elders at my kh didn't like my attitude and made no secret of the fact that they wished I'd move to another cong, and there were times I thought about doing so before I left altogether, but I stayed in the same cong because I knew they didn't like me being there. I haven't gone out of my way to annoy them since I left, theyr'e not worth the effort

  • cruzanheart

    Yeah, if you're nice it bugs them even more! I struck up a cheerful conversation with someone who goes to my former congregation while we were waiting for our prescriptions at the pharmacy. She SOOOO didn't want to talk to me but obviously felt obligated, since the pharmacy tech was watching us. I think she could tell this lady was very uncomfortable and when I mentioned her grandchildren (who used to be my kids' best friends until we quit going to meetings -- now we never hear from them), she said, "oh, [little boy] asks about Jackson all the time, but I tell him I don't remember the way to your house." She laughed nervously. I replied, "well [very rude lady], you know you're ALWAYS welcome at my house anytime."


  • John Doe
    John Doe
    I do it in the hopes that they will think about their actions as JW's.

    You go girl! I remember the last time someone intentionally annoyed me with something petty--I immediately examined my course in life. It's amazing how someone who annoys the heck out of you draws you to her side. That's why annoying people are so popular and thought-inspiring.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I was going to comment about how the dubs would act if another religion was handing out tracts out side of a Kingdum hall but someone already mentioned it. I am sure they would make a big deal of it and even go so far as calling the cops..


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