"are there gonna be meetings in the new system?"

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  • JH

    There will be meetings, but only for 1000 years

  • Finally-Free
    If all this malarkey was real, I don't see why meetings would be needed.

    Exactly! That's why they shouldn't even need meetings now if anything they say is "truth". There are certain truths that can be proven. There is oxygen in the atmosphere, water is wet, etc. No one needs 5 hours of meetings a week to keep reminding them of this. The only time such "repitition for emphasis" is needed is when one is teaching utter nonsense - so the repitition will overcome reason. Meetings in the new system? HA!!! One more reason to be glad I won't be there! W

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    are the new scrolls anything like new light? because if they are, i'm not interested <<<SLAM!>>>

  • Honesty

    I will not be in da new system so I don't care.

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