"are there gonna be meetings in the new system?"

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  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    this is what i asked my mom (die-hard jdub) tonight at dinner. her answer? "i sure hope not... and, well, if there is i hope there are a lot less because they take up so much time." she knows how i feel about this religion and still gives an honest answer. i guess meetings suck for even the most "faithful" witness...


  • kid-A

    Watchtower studies for all eternity....I believe that is one of Dantes "circles of hell"

  • sonnyboy

    If all this malarkey was real, I don't see why meetings would be needed.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    from my understanding (20 years ago) there would be meetings. Gotta learn how to preach at all those newly resurrected folks. Plus there is no way the GB would give up control. They will still want to "teach" people and "help" people get to perfection.

    And with no worldly world involved they would have us either preaching or learning all the time

    Nope think I want to pass on all that

  • ChakkaConned
  • Ingenuous

    Of course there're gonna be meetings - gotta study all those new scrolls! (Rev. 20:12)

  • dedpoet

    Of course there will be meetings, how else are they going to indoctrinate all the resurrected ones who know nothing of the jw religion?

  • Momofmany

    I remember when our new assembly building was being built. It was made so we could have bigger halls for all of the newly resurrected ones. Also a teaching house for the new scrolls. Plus, what is five hours a week, when we have forever to look forward to.

  • willyloman

    Just the one...

  • findingmyway

    At least until the thousand year reign is over. After that everyone will be perfect and there will be no need.

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