Serena the loyal JW

by joelbear 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear
  • mrsjones5

    Isnt she the picture of how modest a sister should be.

  • nilfun

    Is that the baptismal pool?

  • carla

    is her bellybutton pierced? or what? Maybe that's only allowed for the rich & famous jw's?

  • joelbear

    she represents the utter wackiness of a religion where some are janitors so they can serve Jah wholesouled and others basically just lead their life. both get everlasting life whenever the end comes, which i hear is soon.

    but sheesh, she could at least try to pretend that she actually believes in the principles of her religion.

  • delilah

    Can you just imagine the attention she gets when she walks into the KH???? All the brothers are probably falling over themselves to find her a seat,( near them, I'm sure.)...she puts her hand up to answer, and three brothers arrive with a microphone....hahahaha....and I'm sure the sisters ALL hate her.....'cept for those who are busy kissing her a$$ She's on EVERYBODY's "gotta invite her" list....that's too funny... she's probably going "yacht to yacht" in the remotest parts of Paradise.....

    Delilah....(I'd be her friend if I was in her cong)

  • mrsjones5

    I think this is a good picture showing just how modest Sister Serena really is. Yes she's showing off her lovely nipples!

  • minimus

    That's my sista!

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Forgive me all, but, I just cannot help it. Even though she is a dub, and she is just as strange in her behavior as they all are, I find her to be so damn sexy!

    I guess it's the taboo, the impossibility, the difficulty of ever being able to hook up with her that makes her even more tempting. She makes me very excited!

  • delilah

    OOOH, Mrs. Jones, I think that beautiful pic will the reason for a "Special Needs" talk, coming to a KH meeting soon..... " Sister's, are you dressing so as to titillate????"


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