Triathlon results with pictures.

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  • Princess

    A few weeks ago I posted about having some difficulty with my swim training for an upcoming triathlon. Well, I finally was able to overcome it and the swim clicked with me last week. I was able to swim across the lake and back without panicking twice last week. The triathlon was yesterday.

    I participated in the Danskin all women sprint triathlon in Seattle. It was a world record breaking event with 5,454 participants and the 100th Danskin triathlon. They started us in 36 waves of 150, each wave 4 minutes apart and grouped according to age. I was in wave 19, started 1 hour 10 minutes after the first group of elite athletes.

    The swim was 1/2 mile and I came out of the water and crossed the mat at 17:20.

    The bike was 12.4 miles and I crossed the finish mat at 38:20 with an average speed of 19.4 miles. It was a hilly course that took us across the I-90 floating bridge (express lanes) and there was a pretty good headwind on the way back.

    The run was 3.1 miles that followed the shoreline of Lake Washington before turning up a steep hill and down to the finish line. I had a wicked side ache that wouldn't let up so my run time was 26:19.

    Since the race was so huge, the transition/bike area was enormous and I was stuck in the back corner as far away from the swim finish and bike start as you could get. As a result, my transition times were long because most of the time was spent crossing from one end to the other and then back again.

    My total time was 1:30:33 which put me at 406th overall. 90th out of 554 in my age group of 34-39 year olds. Not bad for a newbie.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Way to go Princess!!!!! w00t w00t w00t!

  • outbutnotdown

    Congrats again. It's nice to see pictures.

    This may be enough to get me back into running.


  • shera

    I think that is great! You're in great shape,keep it up.One of these days you will be kicking butt!

  • Princess
    One of these days you will be kicking butt!

    I placed 490 out of 3850 timed competitors in my first try. I DID kick butt.

  • HappyDad

    Wonderful....................just wonderful.

    Glad you are doing something like this. 20 years ago I ran everyday and was getting ready for the "Great Race" here in Pittsburgh, but could not do it because of an injury.

    I wish I could get back in shape at my age just to feel better.

    Keep up the good work Princess.


  • Mulan

    You are just awesome! Where did you come from? Who is your mother?

  • Sassy

    proud mom moment huh!!!

    I think you are both awesome!

  • Princess
    I wish I could get back in shape at my age just to feel better.

    You can. Start slowly...

    You are just awesome Where did you come from Who is your mother?

    Oh stop.

  • Bryan


    That certainly is a great achievement!


    Have You Seen My Mother

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