Scientific Adam?

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  • rebel8

    That's so disappointing.

  • logician36

    Hey Rebel, Yea I think I saw that show many years ago......They weren't trying to prove that we all came from 1 man, thats was just the results of their scientific DNA research. How they know we came from Africa has nothing to do with DNA, and I'm not sure how they drew that conclusion?? But the DNA research seemed pretty valid to me. Its just another instance of scientist catching up with the Bible! ha ..... Take Care,

  • jgnat

    I've participated in the National Geographic Genographic project.

    Interesting stuff. When they speak of a "Scientific Adam", they are talking about a genetic code that all men have in common to this day. There would have been many dozens of "man", but only one successfully passed on his genetic code to us today. The closest inheritors to this original code are the San bushmen of Africa.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    The sumerian tablets say we're hominid/anunnaki hybrids from some frankenstein experiment

  • rebel8

    I'm glad to be reminded that my skepticism was intact 6 years ago.

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