Ouija board?

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  • JH

    I remember JW's saying that it wasn't a game for Christians...and that it had demonic attibutes to it. That alone scared me away from even wanting such a game.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    ouija boards, ghosts, UFO's and God:

    they're all about not feeling alone.

    if they're real, then that means there is more to this universe than meets the eye! it means that we are not alone! it means that life is simple, and magical and adventurous! it means that there is probably some type of after life!

    sure, people don't come out and admit to this sort of thing, but it's what they are thinking. psychology. simple psychology.

    think for a moment about the motives behind wanting the ouija board to be directed by "spirits", and you'll see what i am talking about.

    also, just think, that if it is your own hand guiding the pointer to all these amazing answers to questions that only you know, then really just HOW amazing is it?



  • Cordelia

    i ordered a home made one off ebay sat there on my own with a glass (didnt really know what i was doing) and absoluetely nothing happened! i was really dissappionted

    its wierd but even when i was a witness i used to want to see something to do with demons as i felt it would make me believe in jehovah better!!! i guess even tho i pioneered for nine years etc i still must of always doubted it was true!!

    so how do i do it? or does it not work if your on your own??

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey cordelia,

    i was the same. if demons exist, then so must jesus.

    but anyways, the link i posted helps to explain how skeptics see it working.

    of course, other people will tell you that if you doubt, the spirits will know it, and not help you with your questions. apparently, that's how they explain why it only works for believers and not for skeptics.

    i have no problem with being openminded, just not so open minded that my brain falls out (Dawkins). i have even gone on haunted house tours, and i did not see and hear and feel what the others in the group were feeling, seeing and hearing. i guess i don't have eyes of faith. LOL

    at any rate, you have to ask it a question out loud. have you done that?


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