Debate: That alcohol advertising should be banned

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  • Evanescence

    I thought i'd try making a debate thread.

    Topic: "That alcohol advertising should be banned"

    I'm doing a debate tomorrow on this topic, I got pulled in at the last minute cause one of the speakers got sick.


  • googlemagoogle
  • Cygnus

    Which position will you be debating? 60 Minutes had a piece about parents who were arrested then released for serving alcohol at a teen party, while supervising and making sure nobody that drank would drive, and included a commercial for a fruit-flavored alcoholic beverage that seemed to appeal to younger people.

  • Mary

    I thought alcohol advertising on TV had been banned years in Canada it has been----except for the Almighty Beer Commercials---they're still around.

  • kwintestal

    Mary, I think its just tobacco companies who can't advertise. We always see ads for liquor, coolers and beer.


  • sonnyboy

    I thought alcohol advertising on TV had been banned years ago
    Not in the US. They play that stupid Bicardi commercial so much that I lost my taste for rum.

  • Evanescence

    Hello, sorry my account stuffed up yesterday and I couldn't log in

    In Australia alcohol advertising is allowed but people have problems with it because it exploits women and is real controversial, and it encourages young people to drink. Anyone seen the couger add? with the blond women with big breasts wearing barely anything serving alcohol to a man.

    Well I am on the negative team saying that alcohol advertising should be allowed. Lost by one point though.

    But we can still debate the topic for the fun of it on this thread.

    I was first speaker my main arguments was the economy, the fact that alcohol is legal, about winerys in Australia and how its one of our major tourist attractions is the wine tours, we have wine tours Australia wide.

    And I also talked about the Cultures, how italians drink a glass of wine at dinner and how they give their children wine at dinner.

    Any Aussies here went on a wine tour? I went on one in South Australia when I was about 7-8 years old


  • googlemagoogle

    i like the bacardi commercials. they always got some nice chicks there... prefer "havana club" though.

    most beer commercials are directed to males. and most males like hot women. and beer. so this mixes well in a commercial.

  • DannyBloem

    I think the alcohol (expect for beer) commercial are banned here. On tv not in the cinema.

    The wat around it is of course that companies have a similar product with no alcohol and advertise this, and there by the brand name.


  • PaulJ

    the only alcohol advertising i wasnt keen on was for alcopops in the 90's, that seem to be aimed at kids. Beer, wine and other spirits i would defend as being aimed at the right audience- adults.

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