Who Made Up The Words "THE TRUTH"

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  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Who made up the words "THE TRUTH"

    If this was an invention, they would be millionaires. Being called The TRUTH really sets the statement apart from lets say.....THE LIES. or THE NON-TRUTH. duh Does anybody know how far back this statement goes? I have always heard it. You have to admit, it is a great catch phrase.

  • googlemagoogle

    this is maybe the most arrogant word ever used in JWdom. i always tell em not to use it... it's clear, if it's the truth, and you don't believe it, you must be wrong. bull.

    yes, would be interesting to know, how far it dates back. maybe it evolved from "biblical truths" (still in use today). maybe from jesus' statement "the truth will set you free"? donno...

  • Oroborus21


    Jehovah's Witnesses use the term "the Truth" to describe their faith because they/we BELIEVE that it is Bible based.

    "Sanctify them by means of the truth; your word is truth." (Joh 17:17; compare Jas 1:18.)

    In today's world, the term is often scorned because it represents finality, moral certainty and absolutism while all modern trends have pushed towards relativism, subjectivity and an acceptance and openness to accept minority and non-mainstream viewpoint. Scientific inquiry also generally rejects such notions as "truth" and prefers to deal instead in "probability" - always leaving open possibilities of exception and potential disconfirmation.

    Simply put it is hard for us to accept that there is such a thing as truth or truths and any claims to have such seem arrogant.

    It should be pointed out that in all fairness Jehovah's Witnesses, while generally feeling and claiming that their views and beliefs, etc. are "correct," they do not claim that their faith is the Truth in the absolute sense of the word. They understand that they only have partial knowledge, are prone to fault and error, and have an expectation of continued progress and change.

    Again their use of the term is due not because they claim to be in possession of absolute Truth but because they are under the belief (mistakenly in some instances) that their faith is entirely "bible based" and therefore is the "Truth" since the Bible itself is viewed as the "Truth."

    Further contributing to this view is the evident "falsehood" that can be easily discerned in other religions by contrast as they see it. When many are promoting what seem to be clearly lies or promoting what appear to be fantastic or self-delusional beliefs, their seemingly clear and logical viewpoint appears to be closer to absolute Truth - or as they see it, the "truth" that the Bible actually teaches.

    -Eduardo PS: it appears that the term with reference to the association was used in this sense pretty much from the beginning....



    by C. T. RUSSELL




    "Take heed to yourselves least at any time your hearts be overcharged

    with.... the cares of this life; and so that day come upon you unawares."—

    Luke 21:34.




    accomplished. He works " all things after the counsel of His will."

    Not only is this true, but He has revealed his plan to us in " the Scriptures, which are able

    to make us wise," and given us His Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding, " that


    might know

    the things that are freely given unto us of God." (1 Cor. 2:12.) Which things,

    neither the world nor
    carnally minded
    Christians can see (v. 14); they are revealed by the

    spirit in answer to diligent search. " If thou seekest after wisdom, and liftest up thy

    voice for understanding, yea: if thou searchest for her as men search for silver; then shalt

    thou find the knowledge of God." When He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He shall guide

    you into all truth.

    And this little article is from the first full issue of the ZWT:





    "Watchman, What of the Night?"

    "The Morning Cometh."--Isa. 21:11.


    VOL. I. PITTSBURGH, PA., JULY, 1879. NO. 1.


    R8 : page 3


    This question is one which every sincere Christian should ask and seek to answer. We

    should learn to love and value truth for its own sake; to respect and honor it by owning

    and acknowledging it wherever we find it and by whomsoever presented. A truth

    presented by Satan himself is just as true as a truth stated by God.

    Perhaps no class of people are more apt to overlook this fact than the Christian. How

    often do they in controversy overlook and ignore truth presented by their opponents.

    This is particularly the case when arguing with an infidel. They feel at perfect liberty to

    dispute everything he says on religious subjects. This is not the correct principle. Many

    infidels are honest--as anxious to speak and believe the truth as are Christians--and if in

    converse with them we ignore truths which they may advance, we not only fail to

    convince them of our truths, but put an end to all hope of reaching them; for our failure

    to admit the evident truth which they advance begets in them contempt for the one who

    is not honest enough to admit one truth because he does not see how it can be reconciled

    to another. Accept truth wherever you find it, no matter R9 : page 3 what it contradicts,

    and rely for ability to afterwards harmonize it with others upon "The Spirit of truth,

    which shall guide you into all truth," as Jesus promised.

    Truth, like a modest little flower in the wilderness of life, is surrounded and almost

    choked by the luxuriant growth of the weeds of error. If you would find it you must be

    ever on the lookout. If you would see its beauty you must brush aside the weeds of error

    and the brambles of bigotry. If you would possess it you must stoop to get it.

    Be not content with one flower of truth. Had one been sufficient there would have been

    no more. Gather ever, seek for more.

    Weave them together as a garland --"Bind them on thee as a bride doeth." "Bind them

    about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: so shalt thou find favor and

    good understanding in the sight of God and man." Prov. 3:3.

    C. T. R.

  • Jeffro

    The expression "the truth" as used by the Witnesses gives them a lot of emotional leverage for when someone leaves. Afterall, they're in "the truth" so the person who left is automatically the bad guy - no need to know why they left. The person has 'left' or 'rejected' "the truth" and is therefore in the wrong. So it bolsters them evermore to stay in "the truth".

    It really is pathetic.

  • katiekitten

    O21 - you are right, they do not claim to have the truth in any objective sense - hence the terms Past truth, Present truth and Future truth.

    But they cunningly still call whatever they believe at any time The Truth, even while acknowledging it may change, and may even turn into something completely different. At that time its still The Truth to them.

    They dont have the modesty to make a big deal of the bit about 'it might be wrong'. They dont call it The Subjective Truth, or The Truth as We Understand it at This Time (disclaimer - all truths are subject to change at the discretion of the FDS, no reliance can be placed on any truth, and the FDS take no legal responsibility for any damage caused or incurred as a direct result or reliance on anything claimed to be Truth by the FDS).

    Because that wouldnt make such a good catch phrase would it? Oh, and it might make thinking people realise what a load of tosh it is to claim something is Truth, when it might change at any time.

    I still catch myself saying it - its hellishly catchy, and it makes no sense in any conversation except with dub.

  • scotsman
    Who made up the words "THE TRUTH"

    mmmm... wasn't it Jesus?

  • out of the box
    out of the box

    It is a great 'hook' word. It caught me because I heard it and thought "I will finally know what is real and the truth". After all the Catholic church only really did 'ritual' type services with short sermans that had nothing to do with me. I thought this would be more personal...

    Oh yes, it was more personal, too personal and not enough 'truth' was ever said. I kept asking questions, and they would tell me (a woman) to be quiet. How could that ever be the truth? I figured out it was a 'title' for what they thought they had as a religion. They used that word truth as a noun and a title to elevate that cult status of theirs. For them it is never more than that.

    Defending truth is not passive, when the truth is told it is more of something people would die for.

    By the way, TRUTH should not be gender specific!

    out of the box

  • doofdaddy

    To say you have the truth allows you to stop (re)searching for any higher wisdom or knowledge. It's comfortable like warm fire in winter, lulling you to sleep.

    All the angst over life and death is gone because the truth has given you all the (simple)answers. god will fix everything ,so why worry about being a polluter a rapacious consumer, or be concerned for our fellow beings?

    Truth is very relative to the eye of the beholder.

  • Ticker

    I did some searching for another thread which kind of answers this. The term "the truth" has been used for centuries. Used by such ones as George Fox founder of the Quakers, and on and on. It's not an uncommon term and nothing new.

    while generally feeling and claiming that their views and beliefs, etc. are "correct," they do not claim that their faith is the Truth in the absolute sense of the word.

    Maybe they don't officially claim that but try and show a JW mistakes from their own literature and see if they agree on this.

    Theirs logical reasoning behind using such terminology, it sets up a loaded language or jargon that is unique within the group, that is used to set up a bias in the R & F's mind that the JW's are the only true religion. It manipulates their thoughts and further distances them from the norms of society, effectively giving them a feeling of elitness and seperatism.


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    Again their use of the term is due not because they claim to be in possession of absolute Truth but because they are under the belief (mistakenly in some instances) that their faith is entirely "bible based" and therefore is the "Truth" since the Bible itself is viewed as the "Truth."

    I don't totally buy this explanation. Their is to me a definate psychological factor that plays out in their use of such jargon and its a common practice used by cults and high control groups. I also agree with Doofdaddy point on it stops one from seeking further knowledge since it has already biased in their minds that they have the truth. No further searching would be necessary in the witness mind. Ticker

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