OMG - Part 18 of my exit story EXPLODES !!!

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Jim,

    I'm glad to hear that the book is coming along.

    I would like to indulge in a little role-playing, with your permission. I'll pretend I'm the WTS, and I'll respond to your comment about the Society's Special Representative."

    You said,

    You see, Mr. SR was involved in all kinds of activity. We knew that his off-shore investment schemes, using funds from retired JWs and those on medical disability, was not in conformance to state securities laws, but we didn't know just how deep and far he went to make money ... come on Watchtower Society, can't you do better than using someone involved with the Mexican Drug Cartel? Holy Jumpin Jehosaphat Batman, you guys up there in Crooklyn are worse than a complete joke.

    "The Society" responds

    Just as some apostates claim that the FDS could not have been selected by Jay-sus in 1919 simply because so many things taught by the WTS back then were Babylonish error, here you go, criticizing this man on the sole basis of his behavior. Can you read his heart? It is quite likely that he alone used the tetragrammaton in a precisely correct way once, or that he had stunning proofs that 1+1+1 does not equal three. Undoubtedly it is because of some ephemeral, invisible, undetectable finer quality that Jehovah selected this man for His service. For you to condemn him simply because of a repeated pattern of immoral behavior demonstrates that you are a Very Bad Man. So there! Jehovah chooses the crooked things of this world so that His great name may remain above reproach from critics.

    Your Brothers in Jehovah's Service,

    The Whitewashed Tower Bible & Tract Society

  • Dogpatch

    Pretty wild update Jim!

    Keep on writing!


  • seven006
  • Cygnus

    Ditto to what Bonnie said and inquired of.

  • Amazing1914

    I suppose that I don't need to wait for details from the Dept. of Justice to post this story link:

    It tells of a William Abraczinskas who was arrested and convicted in Miami. The scheme, however, was based in Montana. The comments below the article mention that he screwed a lot of people in Oregon. While the article mentions Bend, Oregon specifically, it alluded to other locations. The congregation I was in, where he moved to, is in northern Oregon, not far from Portland. I will reveal more when I get the Dept. of Justice information.

    Jim W.

  • Nosferatu

    Wow! That is great to hear! It's ironic because I just read your story again last week. How's your friend Brother K taking the news?

  • MerryMagdalene


    Because of YOU I was awake until 5 this morning, because I couldn't stop reading your exit story from first to last.

    I hadn't seen it before, although I was familiar with what you wrote at Freeminds about helping your family reason things out for themselves and exit with you. Very helpful stuff. I have referred quite a few people to it.

    Thanks for caring and for sharing.


  • sf

    March 6, 2002

    State linked to money launderer


    One of the founders of a company still under contract with the state of Montana to screen applicants for its Swiss-style banking program was convicted of money laundering in Miami last month, an online newsletter has reported.

    OffshoreAlert reported last week that William Joseph Abraczinskas, 38, was found guilty by a jury in Miami federal court of one count of money laundering and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. He will be sentenced May 9.

    Abraczinskas was caught in an FBI sting operation when he agreed to use his company, Globalink LLC, to launder money that an undercover FBI agent said came from the Mexican drug cartel, the newsletter said.

    Abraczinskas told the FBI undercover agent that he could use his company, Globalink, to accept the cash, deposit it in a foreign depository and wire the amount to a place of the undercover agent's choosing, provided the agent signed disclosure form stating the funds were "clean," the newsletter said, quoting court records. Abraczinskas said he would charge a 10 percent fee for laundering the money and had experience handling large amounts of money.

    The story did not say where he planned to launder the money. Montana was out of the question because no foreign capital depository has been approved in the state yet.

    OffshoreAlert also said Abraczinskas also had "a checkered past" that preceded his firm's hiring in Montana, with at least five civil judgments entered against him in the Deschutes Circuit Court in Bend, Ore., and a current pending lawsuit against him.

    ABRACZINSKAS, William Joseph – Warren, OR, USA Status: (11/14/01) Criminal case
    filed against him in Southern District Court of Florida (Miami) for money ... - 36k - Cached - Similar pages

    ABRACZINSKAS, William Joseph – Warren, OR, USA ABRAMS, Thomas D. – West Palm
    Beach / Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA ADAMS, John M. – Mundelein, IL, USA ... - 105k - Cached - Similar pages

    [PDF] United States Court of Appeals
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    ... Winniman & Winniman) had been in simultaneous loan negotiations with West
    Coast businessman William Abraczinskas. McCann was seeking ... - Supplemental Result - Similar pages

    KYC News Inc. - Community Message Board: Detail
    ... For anyone to believe that Richard Bullock was only a "shill" for Schneider was
    'not' the case in William Abraczinskas, et al. applicablity ... detail.asp?id=13728&page=11 - 22k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages


    Notice of Names of Persons Appearing to be Owners of Abandoned and Unclaimed Property [ ]:

    Able Air Freight Inc Po Box 373 Essington Pa 19029

    Able Insurance Agency Inc 859 N Broad St Philadelphia Pa 19123

    Abraczinskas William

    Abrahams Rae C/O Crestview Reh & Nur Home C/O Crestview Nursing Home Wyncote Pa 19085

    Abrahams Robert D Mathilda K Sternberger 30 S 17th Street 14th Fl Philadelphia Pa 19103



  • Amazing1914

    SF / Skally,

    Thanks for the additional links. I could only post the link In used above in the last post because of strict copyright claims. Your material, howevr, mentioned Warren, Oregon. The folks in that territory are assigned to St. Helens, Oregon congregation. That is the congregation where my story takes place.

    Cool ... thanks again.

    Jim W.

  • Bryan

    Unbelievable. Looking forward to your book!


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