what exactly do J.W'S think of us 'mortals'!!!

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    Ooops! Sorry, This is the correct link.


    I blame Mr.Daniels.


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    Even though he may have never really followed it, being raised in a JW family has its effects. Maybe he unadmittedly views it as the "truth TM ". Sometimes induced fear and guilt are powerful motivators. I agree knowledge is the best key to combat the WTBTS corruption. Once he sees sites like these or pherhaps a book exposing the Watchtower for what it is, it may open his eyes.


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    to be honest i think a part of him is studying just to prove something to his family as they are all dubs and his younger bro and sis are pioneers!!!and as he had never followed it they have always told him he's a failure so maybe hes just trying to show them he can do it!!! nice loving family i know!!!

    Then he knows exactly what he is getting himself into, and is choosing to study ... he has already chosen them over you. It seems to me that this is a lost cause. Sorry.


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