Things said to end a relationship

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  • delilah

    I'm going to the store...................

  • daystar


    It was his loss.

    Some guys just can't understand the singular beauty of a slightly more mature woman.

    When I was 18 I dated a 25 year old. When I was 21, I dated a 40 year old.

    They were both phenomenal.

  • ballistic

    I guess it's quite dark humour really as people want to post what really happened. So... I'll post something serious...

    The worst I had was, "you're too nice".

    I took that so well at the time, but it's one of those things you look back and think, "what the hell?"

    I think if another woman said to me, "you're too nice", I would tell the b*tch that if she was looking for a b*stard she's been wasting my time.

  • hopelesslystained

    candidlynuts fret not, there is always someone for each of us. at 45 I married a hot 27yr old. nothing but happiness (10 yrs+ now) has resulted and we continue to make future plans for more fun and happiness!

  • Elsewhere

    "I think of you as a brother"

    Q: Is she the type who would fck her brother?

  • candidlynuts

    thanks for the encouragement hoplesslystained and daystar!

  • Elsewhere

    "Who are you and why do you keep calling me?"

    "Who the hell are you? Why do you keep coming to my house?"

    "If you don't stop taking pictures of me I'm calling the cops!"

  • tijkmo

    "f***in stay away from me"

    its the age old story of the younger woman
    falls for the older man to whom she declares her undying love
    he loses all he has then she moves on laughs behind his back
    and so he gets what he deserves
  • Valis

    I think you rmom is hot so I asked her out...

  • hopelesslystained

    tijkmo Yup it's one of the oldest stories that some guys just don't get (or at least initially). Once a woman gets close to 30, the last thing she wants is an older male lover (husband). She's just coming into her own and wants to have fun. Men, typically, past 40, just want to slow down and take things easy, often he thinks the younger female is just what he needs for the failing ego etc. Not so for the blooming 30yr old female! Been there and experienced it all. Life is many lessons learned.

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