Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-21-05 WT Study (Faithful)

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  • Gopher
    22 When God's law is within our inward parts, we are not unsure of the way in which to walk. We take delight in doing God's will.

    I was unsure a lot, even after trying to live the Watchtower way. Teachings like the one quoted above (which were repeated very often in meetings and publications ever since I could hear or read) inflict a guilt trip on anyone who is feeling a bit left out (for whatever reason -- you're young, you're single and above age 29, you're not in one of the congregation's dominant families, etc.).

    I was raised a JW, and was one who gave as many answers as anyone else at the book study or any other meeting, had given public talks, and auxiliary pioneered quite often. Yet as I got older, and not part of the "in" crowd at the Hall, I started to wonder... what does it take to be happy and a JW? How can I feel like I belong? No matter how hard I tried to figure it out, no matter how much effort I gave at the congregation, I never felt like I was going anywhere in life. Yet I also believed that I had to be in the organization, in spite of how I was treated and in spite of the hypocrisy I saw. Otherwise, Jehovah might disapprove me.

    20 Men and women who are diligent students of God's Word, who are zealous preachers of the good news, who are flawless in their integrity, and who are loyal supporters of the Kingdom are a great blessing to the congregation. Their presence adds stability to the congregation they associate with. They prove to be very helpful, especially because there are so many new ones to care for. When we take to heart Paul's advice to `keep testing whether we are in the faith, keep proving what we ourselves are,' we too become a good influence on others.

    Like you said, Blondie, this makes you wonder how many "exemplary" people there are in the congregations. How STABLE are many congregations? How stable is the organization as a whole? Oh they can put on good appearances, but do they really care for each other more than any other group of people?

    This paragraph can evoke different reactions. A person might feel guilty because they don't feel like they can be super students, or super preachers, or they feel bad about mistakes and don't feel 'flawless'. But really who is flawless? This is a guilt-inducer.

    Or a rank-and-file JW could say -- I'm doing my best just showing up at meetings and getting out on magazine day on Saturday morning. I will never be one of those "big trees of righteousness" in the congregation. And so they'll feel second-class.

    Or maybe, I guess a person could proudly say "Hey I match those standards -- I'm flawless" and feel so proud of themselves. (Lord it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way...)

    I guess the whole article is to try to motivate people through guilt. An odd guilt/fear combination was a big factor keeping me going in the JW's for so long.

  • xjwms

    Thanks again Blondie

    I haven't been posting much

    I think somebody is looking for me.

  • heathen

    Some good comments . I'm sure nobody will hear this stuff during the meeting . I'm thinking of going just to hear the lame comments the dubbies come up with . I bet only the big time players will raise their hands on this one . Yah well you know there are things we could do beside hit the doors but we do it because the slave tells us too and we appreciate jehovah so much yadda yadda . The slackers will probly all stay home ill or something lol . yep the old chronic depression suddenly kicks in .......... I would like the WTBTS prove to themselves they are what they say and to me .... I used to actually believe it until I did some research ...................

  • Cygnus

    : the close-knit body of anointed Christian Witnesses

    What a stupid thing to say. They are "close-knit" by name only. The men in charge never ask any of the anointed throughout the world to assist them in matters of policy and doctrine. What a dumb concept, and to keep repeating it is even more dumb.

  • heathen

    Cygnus got another good one in there .That is so true and especially if a woman claims anointment they are still only good for cleaning the kingdom hall or selling magazines . You would think they could unite the" anointed" and discuss the articles more in depth before publishing them . Not that I believe women are members of the 144k remnant , I don't ,but they do .

  • ezekiel3

    So how do JW's keep testing their faith?

    By following the WTS publications!

    • Not the Bible
    • Not Jehovah
    • Not Jesus

    Only by the WTS standards are you able to "prove what you are".

    But did Paul do this? NO.

    Challenging the authority of the apostle Paul

    Was Paul part of the governing body of older men in Jerusalem? NO.

    He was the equivalent of a Circuit Overseer.

    *** w96 11/15 p. 10 Traveling Overseers—Gifts in Men ***

    In the first century C.E., Christian congregations were visited by such overseers as Paul and Barnabas. These faithful men had the objective of ‘building up’ the congregations. (2 Corinthians 10:8) Today, we are blessed with thousands of men who are doing this in a systematic way. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses has appointed them as circuit and district overseers.

    But Paul wrote half of the New Testament and most of Christian procedure. Hmmm.
  • Honesty

    thankyou, Blondie.

    When and if chat returns would you agree to being our WT Study Conductor?

  • SallySue
    22 When God's law is within our inward parts

    But, if you read more than the listed scripture, say a verse before and a verse after, to get a clearer picture of what the scripture is all about... They get very upset...

    Thanks for another great review... You are greatly appreciated, Blondie...

  • stillajwexelder

    Thankyou Blondie

  • Rayvin

    Man.. I am so wanting to go to the meeting tomorrow and answer one of the questions by saying.

    "we should all keep faith in Jehovah and Jesus to handle any situation. For example, If you are being beaten by your spouse or parent and they deny it and there are no witnesses put faith in Jehovah and keep being beaten by them since Jehovah doesn't give you any more hardship then you can handle. In due time Jehovah and Jesus will take care of the situation. "

    I have a feeling my microphone will be cut off before I finish

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