Watch those Germans!!!!!

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  • mtbatoon

    Yes those darn Germans abusing other races not as technically advanced as them. Wouldn't find that sort of behaviour from the English, can we say East India Company?

  • googlemagoogle

    watch those mongols and huns! after all they conquered pretty much all of asia and half of europe at a time. and they burned down whole cities. you never know when they'll do it again!

  • Gretchen956

    I'm not sure Americans have any room to brag, we had slavery here until the civil war, and look what we have done to native americans! Even into the sixties we glorified it with the Cowboy Westerns in the movies and on tv. I remember watching a movie "I will fight no more forever" which is the Chief Josef story, what an amazing man he was, it was the first movie I had ever seen that actually showed the perspective of the Indian. And, I believe its the first time that settlers ever considered how Indians felt about what we did to them.

    Now I know that some may justify that somehow, and it may be contraversial to say, but nevertheless, its a not very pretty part of our history. Then you can start talking about the internment camps in WWII. I'll leave our present cases of prisoner abuses out....


  • doofdaddy

    Man, when will the world get off Germanys back.

    Those poor bastards have been so ground into the dirt by guilt that they bend over to be so polite. I met a young woman recently and we had a frank discussion on the subject(which she found really uncomfortable). Her father wasn't even born till the late 50's.

    I explained my forefathers treatment of aborigines, as explained by Pope. Our government took black kids from their parents up to 1970 saying it was better for kids to be raised in orphanages than by their families...

    What was that story about casting the first stone??

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