Buffalo, NY JW woman killed by stray bullet

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  • mapleaf18

    having been a single mom myself (in the TRUE sense of the word; "worldly" "single" moms often have live in boyfriends helping out) AND working 2 jobs, making all the meetings, etc. you have to wonder if this nice lady were NOT pulling all the weight by herself (aka JW teachings on marriage and sex), would she be in a better neighbourhood and still be alive today??

    when i was in dubbie land, us real single moms often lamented our plight because we really didn't have another income like the "worldly gals" did. . .

  • jgnat

    "Worldly gal" here. Not really. Squeaky-clean Christian single parent for twenty years. I did it all myself. I don't blame the neighbourhood. Accidents happen anywhere. It would bother me if her condition were curable if she would have accepted a blood transfusion.

    To her credit, it sounds like she raised a fine passel of children. It also sounds like she took the "Secrets to Family Happiness" book to heart; providing a well-ordered and tidy home.

  • Es

    Thats really sad :( es

  • mapleaf18


    as regards the neighbourhood, have any actually been to "the hood" in upstate ny, i.e. rochester, buffalo, syracuse? it's NO place to be i can tell you. i lived in "the hood" for many years (1978-1994) NEVER will do that again. it's just not safe. i know where i live now, i don't have to deal with stray bullets daily!

    it's bad enough that i work in downtown rochester, and all the pan handlers, rapists etc. are just wandering about. . .AND you have to pay for parking!!

    i hope one day this telecom will MOVE to the 'burbs!!!

    i admire this lady; she did a good job bringing up her kids all by herself and yes it can be done (i did it myself) but it is HARD and it would have been easier to have a man around like the one i have now! SOOOOOO handy (in EVERY respect )

  • mapleaf18

    it's too bad this very nice lady didn't find herself a decent worldly man and settle outside of that's rats' nest. maybe she'd be alive today! just a thought.

  • Cygnus

    I've been to the nastier parts of Rocha-cha-cha. Definitely nowhere I'd like to live. Syracuse never seemed that bad. The Buffalo ghetto is huge, this city simply needs a big bomb to go off so we can start over. I had become a little immune to it 'cause I used to have a lot of jobs in some of the worst parts of the city. But admittedly a few times I drove up to the house, took one look, and kept driving. Pizza delivery guys in these neighborhoods are regularly robbed or worse. I'd sleep in a park every night before getting an apartment on, say, Goodyear Ave.

  • caty

    A bit off the subject, but what I was referring to yesterday when I asked you the on what page this story was reported.


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