Favorite Things

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  • ballistic

    Pulling the throttle back on my bike on a clear road and a clear day

    When you're really dozey and relaxed letting your eye lids drop

    Getting high mixing drink and good friends at the weekend

    Sex! Hell it doesn't come round that often so I really enjoy it when it does!

  • Valis

    Ballistic you forgot something..

    Expanding Spatula

  • ballistic
    Ballistic you forgot something..

    Oh Good Grief! The spanky thing! Yes, I nearly forgot


  • lola28

    1. Mi familia

    2.I love the way new books smell.

    3. My Pearl Jam cds


    5. The month of November

    6. The color pink

    7. The Coffe Bean


  • BrendaCloutier

    Good chocolate. I'm just learning to savour quality dark chocolate.

    Macadamia nuts

    Mangos and Papayas

    (I'm a foodie)

    Cats and kittens

    Dogs and puppies

    Critters in general

    Fragrant flowers

    Nice people

    Make people feel at ease, and getting a smile or giggle out of them

    My Kevan


    Friends and friends I havent met yet


    edited to add: The sound of a Harley going by.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    HA HA brenda!, the sound of a harley going by is one of my pet peeves. i would like to see loud mufflers outlawed. oh well. ;)

  • chrissy
    HA HA brenda!, the sound of a harley going by is one of my pet peeves. i would like to see loud mufflers outlawed. oh well. ;)

    ha, you and my husband both. he almost takes it personal. it actually irritates me that it irritates him so much. lol.

    My fav things:

    veg pad thai

    warm soup on a cold day

    vintage anything

    fall in new england (the village of wickford, RI)

    my $300 black cashmere TSE hoodie I found at goodwill for $3.50 :) (in my daydreams a really wealthy woman grew out of it from being too much of a foodie)

    earthy scents...(the woods; trees, dirt, grass)

  • FlyingHighNow
    Meaningful eye contact, esp. between complete strangers.

    Worth repeating.

    When you meet someone, man or woman and you instantly feel comfortable around them because they are on the same wave length and similar intelligence level, etc. You know? A kindred spirit.

  • Es

    My fav things are: my fiance and son my camera and taking photos arts and crafts (going to start making Jewellery) my clothes im sure i have many many more just cant think es

  • LouBelle

    the exhausted sleep after a night of dancing with friends.

    ooh and the smell of petrol - I love it.

    Realising you are actually attracted to someone & that whole heady feeling that comes along.

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