Favorite Things

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  • LouBelle

    These are a few of my favorite things:

    Glittery/shiney things esp. clips.

    Snowballs - I love them & have a little collection going.

    Big White towels - esp after a hot bath - wrap yourself up in pure luxury.

    Small handbags.

    The small of a mans' back.

    What are your favorite things.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    in no particular order:

    • insects
    • Hubble photos
    • my dog, oliver
    • permaculture
    • book stores
    • computers & internet
    • ocean
    • baroque music
    • hiking
  • whyamihere

    I love Sheets and Bath towels!

    I love cooking(baking treats for my kids or brothers).

    I love the cold crisp air of Oct.

    I love doing Laundry(weird I know).


  • Finally-Free
    What are your favorite things.

    1. Spicy stir frys
    2. Dark beer
    3. My cockatoo
    4. TCP/IP


  • kls

    Taking long walks with my dogs

    working on my car( ya boring)

    Tools , i like to go to hardware stores and see all the new gadgets out ( ya boring)

    Fishing , i love it but never get to go

  • FlyingHighNow

    • The sound of a baby laughing
    • The sound of adult laughter
    • A 15 or twenty minute hot shower
    • Good music
    • When people are down to earth and get along
    • Making someone smile or laugh
    • When all the trees are flowering in spring
    • Road trips to places I love with pretty scenery along the way
    • Beautiful, soulful eyes on anyone
    • Good hot tea with cream and a little sugar, Constant Comment is a favorite or good hot coffee with cream in the morning
    • Showing genuine love to my family, friends and my customers at work. I've made some good friends by doing this at work.

    There's lots more. I believe in counting your blessings often in life.

  • Ellie

    My kids and partner


    Cadbury's chocolate chip cookies

    My duvet

    Lazy mornings

    New shoes

  • GetBusyLiving

    • Jogging in October
    • Philosopy
    • The smell of books
    • Irish pubs
    • Funny woman
    • Kids
    • Popcorn
    • Steak
    • Coffee


  • daystar

    • A woman's inner thigh, just leading into the... you know the spot, that little curved-in area. (drool)
    • Boiled crawfish, Zatarain-style!! (drool)
    • Seemingly innocent physical contact with that beautiful person you just met.
    • Interesting and colourful cloud formations.
    • Good climbing trees.
    • An attractive and accurate timepiece. (Don't ask.)
    • IBC root beer.
    • Meaningful eye contact, esp. between complete strangers.
    • When children say the most amazing, surprising and wonderful things.
  • Ellie

    The smell of newborn babies.

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