Born In, the Difference

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  • eyeslice

    wonderlustguy - thanks for a truely great post.

    I was born in and relate to everything you say.


  • 144001

    Excellent post, WLG! I'm sure that all of us who were born into this destructive cult can relate to all of the points you made.

    For me, the theft of my childhood instilled an extreme anger in me, one that has mellowed as I've gotten older, but still rears its ugly head on occasion. I'm working on exorcising this demon; life is too short to be pissed off all the time.

  • katiekitten

    My partner said to me 'when you were 18 you had your choice to leave and you didnt take it for another 12 years' - he sees this as evidence that I chose the JW's.

    I find it hard to explain to him that when you have been indoctrinated since you were born, in the way WLG describes, at 18 you still really dont have a choice. What 18 yr old can choose losing everything and everyone he has known in order to leave? Its a snug straight jacket. Its so snug it takes you years to realise you are in a straight jacket at all.

  • ezekiel3

    Thank you Wander!!

    You touched my heart. I still believe that those who joined as adults and then raised children as JWs have no idea what they have done and will never relate to their children's concept of religion and spirituality.

    EZ3 of the born in class.

  • Bryan

    Very good!

    Being "born in", is very different. It is no different from being born into a family of white supremists. Children learn from example. You are taught even before you can spell "hate" that all people who are not like you, are bad and evil. It is without doubt, a mental programming; mind conditioning.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • GetBusyLiving

    Awesome post WLG!

    Being born in is much worse. They get at least 18 years to embed that cult bullshit snugly in your brain. It's much harder to pull the roots out. I like to think it's helping me appreciate life more than if I had never experienced it, in the long run.


  • LouBelle

    Wonderlust - fab post - I'm "enjoying" you!!!

    I'm one of those born in & identified with just about everything (except the getting married part) Being a witness was my whole life - sure there were moments I misbehaved, but I felt guilty, because well I thought I was doing wrong.

    I remember when I first got defd I thought "my god, my family, my friends....I have none" And slowly I've come to realise I have my family that has always been there (the non witness family) They still love me & still support me. I'm making new friends. My belief in God has radically changed.

    I have made the choice to live. They were part of my past. But now my furture is in my hands, and I'm giving it my all - there is so much I have to do, so many things I've stopped myself from doing because I was a witness....but now I'm choosing to live my life as best I can.....

    An absolutely wonderful post.

  • seven006

    Wonder boy,

    Iv watched your post since you first came to this place. You have made one hell of a progression. You fist seemed a bit confused and were searching to find yourself. In my opinion you have definitely passed over from one who was looking for help, to one who is now giving it. I have seen many others do exactly the same thing. When you see that, you know the person is going to be all right. When that passing over has been made, in relation to your whole JW experience, you have officially become un-baptized out of the JW cult. Now you have the freedom to finally try and figure out who in the hell you really are.

    I think you are going to be just fine.

    Good luck in the next phase.


  • DannyHaszard

    I was 'born in' 1957 to hard core pioneer parents who were reviled for getting 'knocked up' with your's truly.

    My family started out broken by the watchtower and stayed poor, we lived hand to mouth and the watchtower ruled us with an iron fist.

    Had a brutal time going to school during the 'better dead than red' super nationalism of the early 1960's.

    I got beat up in the school yard while the WT leaders who ran my show and made my rules had personal body guards.

    They made us all dysfunctional with their 1975 fiasco (it's all your fault for serving jehover for a date)

    F**k you Watchtower psychopath annointed bald head flunky tyrants


    Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • wanderlustguy

    Dave -

    I am honored in every sense of the word.

    I'm going to hit you up for that drink one of these can count on it.

    Take care -


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