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  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Runningman: The consensus seemed to be that having children re-enact the biblical plagues seemed ghoulish in the extreme, and while I agree that seems a bit odd I pointed out that other children's games/songs might have some fairly ghoulish origins themselves, but then I was told that was total nonsense so strike that comment.

    The point about violence was that children will invent their own violence even if some religious fundies don't provide it for them through warped games based on bible stories, so again while I agree re-enacting the plagues is a bit strange its no worse than what children imagine in their own minds.

    But as you pointed out I am impovrished and living on the streets as I can't seem to even get anyone to understand what I am saying much less make an arguement, so as I said before, the floor is yours and I won't be so foolish as to intrude on it again. Besides I have to give this lap top back to the guy I stopped in front of my cardboard hovel who was kind enough to let me use it.

  • Shining One
    Shining One


    >I was rooting around on the internet today, and I came across something that gave me a unique insight into how fundamentalists have a good time. I was looking for a quick list of the ten plagues of Egypt, and I stumbled upon a website that gave ideas for things to do on a rainy day. One suggestion was to have the kids re-enact the ten plagues of Egypt. It was called “The Ten Plagues Adventure”.

    You still haven't actually looked into any hermeutics books or theological interpretation?

    >Now, I can’t imagine anything much more fun than that. For example, one suggestion was to re-enact plague five (the death of the livestock) by putting stuffed animals all over the house – face up. If the kids aren’t traumatized enough, the fun of the hailstorm could be recreated by putting ice cubes all over the house and on the windowsills. That might be handy. I’m sure I’d be ready for a drink by that time. My personal favorite was the lice. Kids were instructed to scotch tape white dots all over their body and leave them for a few hours. The tape would start to irritate and itch, enhancing the visual effect of the dots. Good times.

    Kids learn much by visualization and role playing. There is nothing traumatic about any of the above activities. Did you know that teens have to carry around sacks of flour that are decorated as infants in order to see what its like to carry a baby around? If you are going to be serious you need to quit 'making mountains out of molehills' and smearing all fundamentalists by painting them as the same as the JW cult.

  • VM44

    Ten Plagues Adventure

    A fun activity to represent the ten plagues can be reenacted. Ten days before Passover begins, do something in your home to represent each one of the ten plagues. Here are a few examples. Be creative and make up your own symbols.

    1. Nile waters turning to blood --put red food coloring in the water glasses at the dinner table, in the bathroom sinks, in the dog's water bowl, and anywhere else you can think of.

    2. The frogs--Use green construction paper to cut out roundish frogs with thin green legs. Bend the legs to make the frogs look as if they are jumping. Put them everywhere, in cereal boxes, in the shower, refrigerator, drawers, etc.

    3. The lice--Use a hole punch to make many small white "dots" out of plain white paper. Scotch tape them on your body and leave them on for a few hours. The appearance and irritation will make you think of itching lice.

    4. The flies-- Use clear scotch tape to tape pepper or small "dots" of black construction paper in different areas of the house, the windows, the bathroom mirrors, etc.

    5. Disease afflicting the Egyptian livestock--put stuffed animals in different areas of the house, upside down.

    6. Boils--Use a hole punch to make many small red ÿdotsÿ out of red construction paper (or cut out circles). Cover each other with boils by scotch taping them on your body and leave them on for a few hours. The appearance and irritation will make you think of the boils.

    7. Hailstorm--Put ice cubes around the outside of your house, the porch areas and on the outside window sills.

    8. Locusts-- Use brown construction paper to cut out oval-looking locusts. Put them everywhere as you did the frogs (you'll even think of some new places to surprise your family).

    9. Darkness--Tape brown paper bags over all the windows, draw all draperies to keep it dark in the daytime, or don't turn on any lights in the evening.

    10. Put red ribbon on the sides and top of door post of your house to avoid the death plague. When the neighbors ask what the ribbon is for you can witness to them!

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    As anyone can see by the cartoon picture, this is a way for children to learn Biblical history. If people get in an uproar over this they are Goofy. Look at the way they politically correct crowd got the Warner Bros. cartoons edited for violence.....LOL.

  • VM44

    I object to putting red food coloring in the dog's water bowl. Well, maybe the dog would not mind it, but the cats definitely would not like it!! --VM44

  • tdogg

    Hey nothing wrong with reenacting Bible history. Me and the kids are going to play "David and the Bucket of Foreskins" tonight! We are going to cut off the ends of hot dogs and put them in a bucket. Grandpa gets to be king Saul.

  • luna2

    LMAO...what a sick game!

    3. The lice--Use a hole punch to make many small white "dots" out of plain white paper. Scotch tape them on your body and leave them on for a few hours. The appearance and irritation will make you think of itching lice.

    Or you could go find someone with real lice, borrow their hat, and get a real taste of the ten plagues.

  • DannyBloem

    I liked replaying biblical passages.

    We and my brother always liked to play the Kain and Abel story. Well at elast I liked it.....

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