UK Train Shooting - Murder by Police

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  • Cygnus

    All I can say is, I'm glad not to be a cop, 'specially an urban one. It's a tough job. And, they have rules about how you look, and right now, since I have no secular, social or communal responsibilies, I have chosen to look rather foolish.

  • Cygnus

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but (I say that a lot these days) I have a sort-of funny story.

    I installed a gas fireplace for Buffalo's Police Commisioner, Rocco Diina (what a great wop-cop's name). Well I had to go service it once, and I was there rather late. Rocco (yeah, I'm on a first-name basis with him, and got a "get out of jail free card" from him) asked me if he could turn the TV on, because the national news (forget which network) was having a piece on the crime rate going down, and they focused on Buffalo. Naturally, Rocco was interviewed. Well, they really goofed his name up on the ID at the bottom of the screen; they had it as "Rocko Dina." When the piece finished, I asked Rocco, "So what did you think? Was the piece pretty accurate?" He said yeah, they did a good job. I said, Too bad they didn't do such a good name spelling your name. He hadn't noticed the mistake, got red-hot and yelled: "WHAT?!? I told those motherfuckers if they screwed my name up I'd come back to New York personally and SHOOT 'EM!"

  • PaulJ

    It bothers me that the police seem to get it wrong when it really matters. After that who wants to walk around the underground with a rucksack????

    While the people of London are putting on a brave face despite the terrorism, the police are shooting them!!!! Its diabolical. I agree with E-Man tho, it shouldnt mean the remainder of the force get painted with the same brush.

    It makes me wonder tho how much pressure the police are under to 'get a result'??

  • katiekitten

    What Englishman said.

    There are not too many good cops unfortunately.

    In any case, NONE of them should EVER be trusted.......there are so many bad ones that the we of the public have to think they are ALL bad in order to protect oneself.

    I think thats probably a bit of an overstatement. Are ALL US soldiers bad because of Lindy England and Abu Ghareb?

    Surely by saying that we are showing the same biggotted unsophisticated reasoning that is used by the meatheads that keep stopping Avishai because they think he looks like a Muslim. (BTW - I'll strip search you any day of the week Av!)

    Its too easy to use a blanket argument because we cant be bothered to differentiate between good and bad. I still think there are good police men - I have met lots of them. That doesnt in any way dilute the argument that there are some very wicked and corrupt policemen too.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Katie kitten,

    of course you're right, sometimes I use hyperbole to emphasize my point. (I've been told 100 thousand million times not to exaggerate).

    There are a lot of decent cops, but you have to be wary when dealing with them. Thats all!



  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I agree, Simon. Those responsible should pay to the nth degree. How horrible for that man's family! And then they stick 'em in a hotel room sans phones? pffft!

    There's not enough CYA to allow for the guilty parties to get away with it or those particular reports wouldn't have been "leaked", yanno.


  • Simon
    Are ALL US soldiers bad because of Lindy England and Abu Ghareb?

    No, but it comes down from on high and the shit floats right back up. In this case it appears that the police force and those in charge have systematically tried to cover things up. They have also tried to discredit the person they shot as though it somehow excused it and allowed known falshoods to circulate (which they put out) without correcting them. It appwars also that CCTV footage has gone missing. I know people were on edge with terrorism but this situation was not a "do I shoot or don't I?" situation. It was a mess that was completely of the police's own making due to incompetence and a cavalier disregard to life and liberty. If he had run after a warning and had a rucksack or heavey padded jacked then it would have been understandable at least but as it is, and given their attempts to pass that off as the situation when it blatently wastn't then I think heads should roll and people should pay the price for the crime that has been committed. Who gave the order and why? Who ordered the cover up and why? Why have the police obstructed the enquiry process and not followed the proper processes?

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