UK Train Shooting - Murder by Police

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  • Simon

    It is clear now even with the details released so far that not only did the police murder an innocent civilian in cold blood for no reason but they also deliberately and cynically lied in an attempt to cover up the incident, possibly hoping they could get away with what they had done.

    They now admit to firing 11 shots or more, not the 3 (?) originally claimed. All other details they originally put out also seem to be completely at odds with the truth - he was not wearing a heavy coat but a denim jacket, he did not jump the barrier, he did not run but saunterd and picked up a paper, he was not challenged by police. Bottom line is, the police were not heros. They were not in any kind of "situation" other than a shambles of their own making.

    The people concerned should resign, as high up as it goes, and the appropriate people jailed IMO.

  • kls

    Oh Simon ,that poor kid and his family and yes the cops will get away with it just like they do here . The band of brothers that will lie for each other ,and i know this to be true because my brother inlaws sister is married to an excop and he got away with stuff for years.

  • katiekitten

    OMG thats terrible.

    But the truth will out. Even if it takes a long time.

  • kls

    There was a incident here about a year ago where a teen was arrested and police say he was spitting ,so the cops put a hood over his head to stop him but the cops covered his head with a Bio hood and even the kid gasping for air and motioning that he could not breath, the cops ignored him. He died of suffication and the cops were cleared and it was ruled a accident. If the cops can't tell one hood from another ,why do they have them. Don't mean to hijack Simon but cops do seem to get away with way to much.

  • nilfun
  • kwintestal

    Growing up, I had many friends who were beaten in police custody. None of them died, but police are quite corrupt, and then protect themselves when they need to and tell lies to do that. No wonder they have such a bad rep!


  • Gill

    'Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!'

    Sadly true.

  • avishai

    This makes me more than a little uneasy what with the way i look. I've been mistaken for an arab on more than one occasion, and almost got my ass kicked in a bar by an over zealous hick the day i got out of the hospital who asked "Are you a muslim?" And "If you were wearing a backpack, I'd jump your ass!" Ironically, I'm from Russian Jewish extraction, but i still get dragged to the side and asked to take off my shoes every time i get on a damn plane. Hey, I don't mind, It's guys that look kinda like me that are usually doing the bad stuff.

    BUT!!!! The cops need to chill. I have had cops rouugh me up under other circumstances too, and It's my belief that more training and psychological screening is in order.

    'Power corrupts.&; Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!
    I prefer Frank Herbert's twist on this axiom "Power attract's the corruptible" Hence the need for screening and training. Especially due to the fact that many of these men are in incredibly stressful, thankless and underpaid jobs, dealing with the scum of the earth every day, who often make 10 times more money than them thru criminal means. VERY easy to get cynical in that environment. So, it's not an easy fix, and definitely needs more than just a "The cops suck" looking at.
  • Englishman

    It's a dreadful business sure enough. I just hope that people are not so stupid as to condemn the whole police force because of the actions of a minority. That would be as daft as condemning all Muslims because of the actions of a few extremists.


  • PopeOfEruke

    There are not too many good cops unfortunately.

    In any case, NONE of them should EVER be trusted.......there are so many bad ones that the we of the public have to think they are ALL bad in order to protect oneself.

    Extra-judicial executions - it's simply unbelieveable. The man was held tight by one cop while the other cop executed him.


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