How many of you had assembly parts?

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  • Cygnus

    In 1994, I was "privileged" to play the part of Peter, a young college student who was persuaded to quit school and get baptized. I had my part memorized in about 10 days. There was a funny rule though: DON'T LET ANYONE ELSE HEAR THE TAPE OF THE DRAMA OR MAKE COPIES. I never did return the tape and I bet I still have it lying around here somewhere.

    Pic of me (I'm the one standing) playing Peter at the 1994 District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses in Rochester, NY:

    Edited to add: It felt kinda cool to walk into the place and walk around in jeans and no tie. 'Course I was only 22 at the time. And, jeez, how could I forget? In 1978 my father and I had a small part. I was six years old. I still have that convention program with my dad's name on it, back when the names were on them.

  • hillbilly

    Yep, twice. Circuit Assembly /model youth type gigs.............


  • rebel8

    Making out with the groupies, LOL!!

    Cygnus, jeez, I was probably at that convention! Oh duh, just noticed you said 1994. Nope. I left in the late '80s.

    It was really sad to hear of the anti-college stuff at this yr's convention, but now I wonder how many of the people in that drama actually agreed with it.

  • Wolfgirl

    I was in 2 different CA parts that I had to waste 3 weekends in a row for each. In one, when I was just a kid, I had to play a "bad" kid at the meeting, who was writing on the back of a chair while my parents had no clue what I was doing.

    Then when I was 16/17, I was interviewed about my experiences as an exemplary youth in school. Oh boy, did I hope that one would snag me a cute guy. No luck. Hee-hee!

  • Legolas

    Yes, my family (me,my husband,and our son and daughter) were all in a part, and other then that our kids were in a few others.

    There was one year that our daughter had to do 2 assembly's because there was not a good enough example in the other area (Moncton, N.B) that's about a two hour drive and a $39.00 bridge toll!

  • lawrence

    I once conducted a Watchtower study at a Circuit Assembly, and then baptized "sheep" at another Circuit Assembly.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Rebel, I can understand you being pressured to pioneer, but when you graduate, you're an adult. Did they hold a gun to your head? If you wanted to go to college, you could have. It's easy to blaim others for our lives, but taking responsibilty for our choices is a bit harder. I agree that Witnesses are not pro-college in any sense, but they will not make you do something unless you allow them. I know--I was born in the religion and I made my own choices.

  • tijkmo

    was on the wt study at 7 or 8 when they used to have a small cong on the platform to answer

    i gave bible reading when i was 14

    interviewed so many times as youth..newly married pioneer

    talk 2 and 4 as ms

    interviewed at dc

    bible highlights..days text..chairman..afternoon items..experiences etc as elder

    did wt..based around braveheart once...they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom..was told after i should have painted my one slept

    never in a drama...dang

  • rebel8

    Does anyone else notice that people on this forum often call into question what ex-jws say? You know, the WTS taught that "apostates" lie. Maybe that's where it comes from.

    hmmmm John Doe, my experience was definitely not as you describe. Did you notice I said it was right after high school? I'm not talking about a 25 yr old here. I was just out of high school at the time, labeled a pioneer.

    Let's see. On the day I could have taken the college entrance exams, I was grounded to ensure I didn't sneak in. I was not allowed to keep any of my income from my high school part time job or babysitting jobs so as to prevent me from sending in college applications.

    I was in pretty poor health because of a neglected health condition, again because of JW rules. Long story. When I graduated high school, I was not eligible for coverage under my parents' insurance. I was directed by my mother, whose headship I was instructed to follow (by god, I was taught), to not get a full time job. So I was stuck in a low paying part time job with no health benefits. The little income I did have went towards medical expenses. I never saved up any money to be able to do anything close to applying for college.

    I ended up fleeing her home with only the clothes on my back and very little money. I went about working 2-3 jobs at a time to save $ for college. In my 20s I had enough to go. I put myself through college despite an unmanaged health condition that was dangerous at times, and being as poor as a churchmouse the entire time. I now have a Master's Degree, which I did entirely without financial support from anyone.

    Does that put your concerns about me blaming others to rest?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Sounds as if you've been successful. But, how does this jive?

    I was always very, very, very angry about being prevented from going to college and prevented from working full time.

    And then you say:

    I put myself through college despite an unmanaged health condition that was dangerous at times, and being as poor as a churchmouse the entire time. I now have a Master's Degree, which I did entirely without financial support from anyone.
    So, which is false, your first statement or your second? Your words sound as if you're pissed off for not recieveing financial support for college, and that's something that many kids go through--not just Witness kids.

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