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  • Cygnus

    I remember some woman yelling as she approached the platform at a DC. Then 10 minutes later a man did the same thing. This was maybe 20 years ago. Soon thereafter DCs started posting brothers, 2 a side, as "guards" to the platform. I did that once, and almost fell asleep. Which reminds me of a bad joke: who was the smallest man in the Bible? Peter, cause he slept on the watch. (alternatively, Knee-high-miah, or Ezra, because he read the word of god aloud in the king's ear). har-har

  • GetBusyLiving

    :I heard later that he was a young retarded JW man who thought he would be able to "give a talk".

    So when they realized it was Theo Jaracz did they let him speak?


  • DannyHaszard

    Scapegoating- Hitler had the Jews
    Jim Jones -"fascist terrorist"
    David Koresh- Feds aka 'agents of Satan'
    Watchtower - former member aka apostate traitors
    Danny defines apostate--"a devout believer turned destroyer"Yup, that's me i reckon.
    My first impressionsof the loathsome abominable apostate after the bogeyman of the evil slave had run it's course,was the 1979 [100 year anniversary of the Watchtower] district convention at the Bayfront center in St.Petersburg Florida.

    Of course this new apostate character was introduced with the flair of a WT Drama.
    The theme of the drama's setting being what else,but the usurping of Moses and Aaron by the Korah gang,and how the ground opened up and swallowed the clan whole.
    In the mid 1980's the Watchtower further elaborated on the apostate buffoonery with a subtitled article;Apostasy in the camp.
    This article was about some JW refugees sequestered in a camp where one of their members broke away and "went on up to the mountain top to get instruction from Jehovah like Moses did", and returned butt naked and hysterical.
    This impression of the deranged/flunky/haughty,apostate buffoon was to persist until my own 'crisis of conscience' in 1992
    My first contact 1994 with an apostate was David Reed who i suspected may be throughly demonized.I became a supporter of his comment from the friends operations,and the ground didn't open up. Back as early as 92 the internet was already being demonized as 'the tool of satan' by the watchtower although i knew of no one who was connected on line.Most JW family's who had a PC in the house the children used it to play space invaders. A couple of years after my 'purge' Ray Franz published his COC and i had my first meeting with Steve Hassan at his home who lived the next suburb over in Boston Massachusetts.
    Steve seeded a start up ex cult support group at Boston University and i met other EX JW's along with Children of God,Moonies and Scientologist. Yes,we have come a long way baby..... Put plain and simple:The Watchtower is about one thing,other people's money.--- Danny Haszard the apostate is all about:getting all his Watchtower money back. The Bogeyman Related:


    apostate-baiting yes they do that sort of like red-baiting

  • NeonMadman
    :I heard later that he was a young retarded JW man who thought he would be able to "give a talk".

    So when they realized it was Theo Jaracz did they let him speak?

    LOL, no, that wouldn't be a young retarded man...

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    I was taught that Satan was using them to spread lies and propaganda about the witnesses. You were to avoid them at all costs and never ever read there literature as it was demonized. In fact, when I was a kid I was terrified of them when we used to see them outside the conventions as all you could think of is that they were from Satan.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I never really knew what the word meant until I started coming here to JWD... by that time, I was one!

    At BIG DC's there were the picketers, but I never really paid attention to them, and as a kid wasn't allowed to look them in the eye because they were evil... But the word apostate never came up that I remember.

  • sunshine2

    The only time I ever came accross "apostates" where on my way to a convention...they tried to talk to me and I was scared actually....the sister I was walking with explained to me who they were and that we were not to listen to them.......

    Later I thought that people who were not in the truth, left it or were kicked out and of course they have nothing good to say, I thought it was all lies that they were telling. When I first came accross this website and saw APOSTAFESTS and GET TOGETHERS, I thought OMG, how awful......now I want to have one in my town!

  • evita

    Oooh, scary, evil apostates.
    As I was fading many years ago, a dub came up to me at my place of work to inquire why I no longer attended meetings. I told her I no longer believed it to be the truth. She looked horrified and in front of my co-workers told me I sounded like an APOSTATE. Boy, was i suprised as I never thought this would apply to me! LOL

  • FlyingHighNow

    I have to admit, that when they gave talks about Apostate Literature and getting rid of it without reading it, I always hoped I'd get some in the mail so I could read it. I was curious about it.

    As things got harder and more bizarre in the org., I hoped maybe the apostates were right and they gov bod didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

  • freeme

    i thought they are either sad, hopeless and struggling sinners OR hateful, evil, envy and destructive liars. in both cases they were this way, because they know we've the truth and thats why they behave this way. and of course satans influences. i wouldve never imagined that many of them leave the organization not to sin, but to have a good conscience, because of the sins of the organization. others leave the org because they sin, yes, but those are far from apostate. they believe in it and many of them try to come back some time. whats true is that both groups are at least at one time sad, because everyone he/she loved suddenly turn their back on them when they need it at most. it isnt simple to realize the religion you're following was wrong or to think you get killed in armageddon without a single person who is willing to help for real.

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