I cannot believe it!!!!

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    Yesterday my son and his dad were talking about his World Geography class. It turns out that he is actually in an Honors class...I didn't realize that, and I was pretty happy, since he has never been in an honors class.

    Today, I get a phone call...I see on the caller id it is from the school district. The first thing I think of is this :"Uh-oh...which one of the kids forget their homework or lunch money...etc..etc."

    It was my son. He had been invited to join the World Geography AP class...they have just started it for the 9th/10th grade level, usually they have it just for 11th and 12th. He just needed me to email the school giving permission.

    I couldn't believe it!!!!

    You have to understand...this kid, before we moved to a new area...I didn't think he would pass. He was poorly organized, and was really bad about handing in homework and absolutely hated school. We had been working on it for a while on his organization and attitude, and although it was slowly getting better, he still was adamant he would never want to go to college.

    He has done such a turn around! Last year he was awarded Excellence in History and Science. They might let him move up to honors Phy/Chem, he wants to look into it. This is something he would have never cared about before...his ambition and self confidence has grown so much these past 2 years!

    And I have to tell you, if we had been preoccupied with 5 meetings and bible study during the week, he would NEVER have gotten this far. Seriously.....

    I cannot tell you how proud I am of the boy. The cool thing about this too, is that if he pass the AP exam, he can use it for college credit at many colleges. He was really excited to learn about that, and is motivated now to try to get in other AP classes over the next 4 years of high school.

    I just had to share...you moms and dads out there, you understand. I had a really bad work day, but this just made the day wonderful after all.



    That's awesome. Children, given half a chance, can impress and overwhelm us adults with their thirst and absorbancy for knowledge, and/or zeal for a particular subject.

    Geography? Let me tell you, your son is going to be a traveller.

    I was a geography wizard in school. I travelled plenty.

    This is a pleasant post, one that makes one swell up with pride (the good kind).

    I think Eyebrow2, that it reflects upon you and your spouse: good parenting.

    A breath of fresh air this post. I had to comment.

  • Eyebrow2

    Thanks Rayzor..it is greatly appreciated.


  • happehanna

    Well done to your son ! good news should be shared.

    My daughters both started to excel when we left meetings and the pressures of being a JW.

    Our kids can and do give us so much pleasure

    congrats again from one proud parent to another.

  • damselfly

    That is great news! If the idea of getting some college credits is exciting now then he must have changed his mind about going.

    Whatever you're doing as a parent must be working!


  • Latte

    Well done to your son Eyebrow......and a pat on the back for you too!

    My son is 9yrs old and he has struggled with 'enthusiasm for school' too.

    I quite agree that leaving out the mind deadening meetings really does help!

  • cruzanheart

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news!


  • Es

    Thats awesome congrats you must feel so proud....my 3 year old is being moved up to kinda coz he is too clever for creche, it makes you feel like you havent done a bad job parenting after all. well done es

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    Big Tex


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