People we've known

by coffee_black 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • hopelesslystained

    let's go way back:mid 60's California-Lancaster: families: Gerbitz, Whitfield, Roberts, Juarez, Hilliard, Siliznoff, Kobzeff, Abramson, Knott, still thinking...

  • Quentin

    My cousin moved to Washington State about twenty years ago. He and his family were JWs when thay made the move, have had no contact since he left Texas..... Vernon Daugherty and wife Phyllis... don"t remember were they went in Washinton....

  • stopthepain

    coffee black--I know mabel luscombe,and I also know bob and marie cushman,although I believe marie died not to long ago.

    Buster--It was probly abou 9-10 years ago.He probly wouldn't remember me.He was a cool guy to me though at the time.

  • coffee_black

    I see Mabel Luscombe once in a while. She doesn't shun me.... My best friend is married to her son Brad. (one of the twins)


  • CuriousButterfly

    Buster and Coffee Black I know or heard of most of the people you mentioned. I knew or hung around with their kids/grandkids.

    Buster - Vinny Profenna is married to a sister 1/2 his age and they have a child. He was a late bloomer being a first time dad at 47-48.

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