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  • ozziepost

    Something to think about for this week's book study:

    It's found on page 57.

    Now look at paragraph 24; the last two sentences read:

    "Like the Roman Empire, it (the Anglo-American alliance) has proved to be "strong as iron", exercising ironlike authority. The iron legs of the dream image thus include both the Roman Empire and the Anglo-American dual world power."

    Not a scripture to be seen!

    Now can anyone figure out what it really means? How do they jump from the Roman Empire to Anglo-America? They don't say, but it sure stretches credulity.

    Anyone care to share? Perhaps you could raise it to your book study conductor!

  • lawrence


    These people have no clue about the Olmec empire, the Hittite empire, the Maya empire, the Chinese empire, the ... the ... the ... It's like a = f therefore j = y. I get it! Sign up, get dunked, and go teach: a = f therefore j = y. Cut the cord to the brain, sit there 5 hours a week, teach others what the Brooklyn Gods receive DIRECTLY from HEAVEN and feel superior (trump card out of the crapper).

  • ButtLight

    If I were going to the book study I would, but um, NOT! Heck, I dont even know what book they are studying

  • PaulJ

    I have to confess I havent prepared it this week. Come to think of it, I havent prepared it in a while. But then I havent been in 3 years or so....

  • DannyBloem

    "Like the Roman Empire, it (the Anglo-American alliance) has proved to be "strong as iron", exercising ironlike authority. The iron legs of the dream image thus include both the Roman Empire and the Anglo-American dual world power."

    he he,

    maybe I will raise it in the comming bookstudy. But I know already the answer.

  • Terry

    My brain is pretty rusty on official Watchtower teachings, but, I remember something or other.

    The idea is that the image in Daniel represents the march of World Powers who came to bear on Israel.

    Egypt, Assyrian, Medo-Persian, Grecian,Roman followed by (they merely assert) the British/American alliance. Largely through the intervention of the Brits in WWI (Colonel T.E.Lawrence) the Jews were on their way to possessing a homeland.

    America morphed from the British Empire.

    That's all I remember.

    Does that help?


  • minimus

    Terry, Ozzie knows this. He's just trying to get new ones to think. Either that or he's just old and can't remember things.

  • blondie

    Studies in the Scriptures--Volume 1 (Charles Taze Russell)

    Study 13--The Kingdoms of this World

    The iron empire, Rome, was by far the strongest, and endured longer than its predecessors. In fact, the Roman Empire still continues, as represented in the nations of Europe. This division is represented in the ten toes of the image. The

    ::page 254::
    clay element blended with the iron in the feet represents the mixture of church and state. This mixture is in the Scriptures termed "Babylon"--confusion. As we shall presently see, stone is the symbol of the true Kingdom of God, and Babylon substituted an imitation of stone--clay-- which it has united with the fragmentary remains of the [iron] Roman Empire. And this mixed system--church and state--the Church nominal wedded to the kingdoms of this world, which the Lord calls Babylon, confusion, presumes to call itself Christendom--Christ's Kingdom. Daniel explains: "Whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men [church and world blend--Babylon], but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." They cannot thoroughly amalgamate. "And in the days of these kings [the kingdoms represented by the toes, the so-called "Christian kingdoms" or "Christendom"] shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms; and it shall stand forever." `Dan. 2:43,44`

  • robhic

    In keeping with the Jews/Israelites and their homeland, do you think the current exodus (how fitting...) of Jewish settlers from Gaza will raise any eyebrows in WT-land? Any more "parallels"?


  • Ticker

    Maybe im rusty on this too, but wasnt the Anglo-American power resprisented by the clay and iron that was bonded together in the statues toes? Its been along time since going through this material and since I have been inactive for a few years now, Ive kinda lost all touch with their doctrines.


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