"Catostrophic" Thoughts......

by ScoobySnax 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Crumpet
    was that I'll pitch head over heels while walking down the stairs at work

    Hemp Lover - I've had this "phobia" ever since I was child. I think I'm going to fall downstairs almost every time I have to walk down stairs. And I have fallen down stairs quite a few times - luckily I usually land on my well cushioned arse and apart from shock and embarassment and being a bit winded I'm usually okay.

    Thanks for the slap across the face advice - I think I'll use that next time I get irrationally worried. I think scoobs - its just an awful compulsion, the harder you try not to the more you do it!

  • Ellie

    What you are describing sounds like Pure O Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, have a word with your GP, it can be easily fixed.

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