"Catostrophic" Thoughts......

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  • ScoobySnax

    Do you ever over-worry too much>? I can be quite happy, down the pub, at work, with friends etc and an awful thought creeps into my mind that my mum might be suddenly ill, or one of my niece/nephews might get hurt/be hurt, it's really weird in that I have to stop what I'm doing and make a phonecall just to check. I don't tell them that when I phone, just sort of phone like its a casual thing. It is almost like catostrophic thoughts, I hate them and they always prove to be unfounded, trouble is it does sort of start to rule your life. Does anyone else get what I mean?


  • cruzanheart

    I used to get those, Scoob. They are anxiety attacks or panic attacks, and they are really uncomfortable. I still get flashes occasionally, but for the most part have been able to beat it. I had a lot of them after I left the Witnesses. The longer I'm out, the fewer I have.


  • ScoobySnax

    Thanks Nina....... Ya know, I think it probably is that.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I have a huge problem with this. I always imagine the worst happening, though the scenarios my brain comes up with are usually pretty outlandish.

    When I was a JW, one of the reasons I would never comment is because I was terrified that I would grab the mike and yell obscenities into it. I also feared that I would topple headfirst over the chairs in front of me during the song/prayer and my legs would be flailing in the air with my skirt around my waist. Oof... Okay, those are the innocuous thoughts.

    The ones that I have now usually center around something terrible happening to my daughter. There have been nights when I'm driving home from work and realize that we haven't talked to each other that day and I know - I just KNOW - that she's gone, that someone broke in, killed the dogs and took her. By the time I pull my car into the garage, I'll be hysterical and making bargains with God. Of course, as soon as I turn off the car, I hear the dogs on the other side of the door and then I know - just KNOW - that she's fine. The whole time I'm doing this to myself, I know - just KNOW - that I'm being ridiculous. And that when I walk through the door with puffy eyes, she's going to make fun of me and deservedly so.

    It's only lately that I've been able to put a stop to it. I've found that when I start to have what I call a "Carolyn Burnham" moment (I think that's the name of Annette Bening's character from "American Beauty", can't remember for sure), I give myself a stern, silent talking-to. If it doesn't work, a sharp slap across the face and a "Snap out of it!" does the trick every time. For real.

    And now for something a little lighter - my latest catastrophic thought (this one just started last week) was that I'll pitch head over heels while walking down the stairs at work and land on my front teeth. So I've been holding onto the railing extra tight these days.

  • ScoobySnax

    Fantastic reading hemp.........you made me smile!! xx

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Do you ever over-worry too much>?

    All the time.

    >snaps fingers<

    Make it a double. On second thought, let's have the whole bottle ...

  • codeblue

    well..............I will sometimes have a dream about a family member.......

    The next day I will call them...email them....make contact!!!

    Of course, I worry about my JW children, even though they are adults......I live far away from them.

  • the_classicist

    I do. I worry quite a lot about every single thing.

  • stevenyc


    Yep, I get them, especialy after some traumatic event. They go hand in hand with anxienty, panik attacks, and my personnal fave, hypochondria. Been seening a shrink now for a couple a years. On some meds, they help a lot. Shrink says, I'm probably sesitive to them, but the JDub like has made them explode.

    If fact that was the reason for joining JWD.


  • Es

    Ive been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder which is when someone worries out of proportion to the actual circumstances, I do this alot mostly i worry bout people and how they are going to do something to hurt me not physically but more emotionally. Its really hard to stop and it causes me alot of trouble and i usually end up loosing friends over it. The only way to tame it is medication anti depressants which i have been on before and kinda dont want to take that path again. es

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