Dreams Reveal Alot!

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  • anewme

    Yeah, when I was growing up my dreams were all about escaping our house. I had recurrent nightmares of my mother and trying to escape a dark house in the night.

    I took it as my brain trying to tell me that he has moved on now.

    In fact his emails to me did stop this May.

    The fact that I had a voice to speak up and defend myself was amazing!

    It is clearly a sign of a return to health.

    I am well and happy once again.

    I really do attribute my return to sanity and happiness in part to this forum.

    Is it possible this forum is from God?????

  • tsunami_rid3r

    i dreamed i had sex with this woman this morning it was great

  • damselfly


    I am a firm believer in dreams. That sounds like great news that you are getting your sense of impowerment back.



  • Mary

    I had a horrible dream last night that someone I really care about died from prostate cancer. It was one of those dreams that are scarily realistic and I woke up crying........god I hate having dreams like that!!

  • delilah

    Katiekitten, when I dream about snakes, I usually get really sick ....when I dream about bananas....um, er, well.....it means something really fun, and wild and exciting is happening... or going to happen....


  • Billygoat

    When I have bad dreams, they're usually about tornados - LOTS of them - coming at me. Twen, twenty, thirty tornadoes at a time. I can barely get to a safe place in time as I find the tornadoes so fascinating I want to sit and watch them. Another strange thing...in my tornado dreams, I'm almost always looking for my little orange cat Mugsy and he always comes looking to me for safety.

    Last night, I had a dream that Jon Lovitz was my boss and we were making out on his desk. Don't ask. I've never like Jon Lovitz, except when he was on that one episode of Friends. LOL I think maybe because Mozz and I watched a bunch of comedians on Comedy Central's Roast of Pamela Anderson last night. Lots of comedians and lots of sex jokes maybe got me into the mood in my dreams???

    I've got to get better taste in dream sex partners.

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