How many people have you "unwitnessed" since you've been out?

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  • Scully

    There are a couple of people who post here, who were trying so hard to cling to The Truth™, despite being treated quite badly by their local congregation, when I became reacquainted with them. We talked about how love was what Jesus stressed would identify his disciples. Not the preaching work. Not using God's Name, Jehovah™. Little by little, we started talking about larger issues: the child abuse situation in the organization, the affiliation with the UN as an NGO for 10 years, the HM Riley Trust that was generating income for the WTS via stocks held with Phillip Morris (i.e., tobacco interests). Each of those issues just built on the basic foundation that real love did not exist among JWs, and added to the proof that the organization could not be God's Chosen People™.

    codeblue and NOdenial, I love you guys!

    Also, my status as an exJW is somewhat of a curiosity to my colleagues, since we occasionally have discussions about the blood issue and various belief systems. I have one co-worker who is happy to bring me the Watchtower and Awake! magazines that get placed with her, in exchange for tips on how to discuss various topics with the JWs who call on her. Another co-worker was grateful for my cautionary advice about befriending a JW in her neighbourhood, once the JW's true motives were revealed (I'll only be your friend if you have a Bible Study™ with me). Most of my colleagues watched the Dateline program and the similar one done by the fifth estate in Canada, and know that there are serious problems in JW congregations. I have more people convinced than they ever were before, that JWs are a dangerous cult, not just some wacky outlandish belief system. Those people will NEVER become JWs, and neither will any of their friends or family members.

    I'm a firm believer in immunization!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I haven't come right out and attacked the WT Society to any of my friends. The little that I have said is viewed as heretical as it is. One undecided youngster I know is less intent on hurrying into the bOrg. One sister I am seeing knows just exactly how I feel and is praying for me but still makes out with me. SHHHHHH. A youngster I know was studying but stopped when I pointed out the BS. He is ambivalent at best. A best friend at University will never study now that he's received an ear full.

    And thats it. I'll have to work harder if I want to undo my efforts as a pioneer. I had 8 people I studied with come into the bOrg. One is an Elder, and 2 are Minsterial servants. Oh the shame.


  • Legolas

    I didn't take anyone 'out' yet.....but I planted seeds!

    There is someone on this board that took ME out though!........ I'll tell you who someday.

    I have been telling my 'old' wordly friends all about them..... I don't think they will EVER be witnesses

  • sunshine2

    My sister in law got out first and then her husband, and she talked to me so I started reading and got out and my niece and her husband got out, my daughter (unbap. pub) got out and my son stopped going after a while and my husband does not attend anymore....haha, so that's 6 in one I try as the opportunity comes to talk with "old friends", but seem to have only one or two left....they all seem to have disappeared?

    *wonders why?*

  • wanderlustguy

    I've got a few old friends that I'm trying to track down...getting warmer.

    You know how hard it is for an inactive person to find a disfellowshipped person who you only can contact thorough publishers in good standing that have to ask their elder or elders wife relatives?

    Whew, took forever just to explain it!


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