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  • Sparkplug

    Billy- I'm in if you plan it. I have the heart walk coming up, the diabetes walk (I am to head this one up this time) , The angel tree at xmas where we adopt something like 600 and up kids for xmas. I also have Thanksgiving dinners for the group to be chosen and right now the company I work for is way into United way (yearly). I put a photo shoot up for auction for that one. So I would love to help you, I just do not have anything after to give as far as planning. OR DO I?

    You are going to join us on the diabetes walk right. Followed by a weekend of apostafest? I believe WORK HARD, play HARDER!!

  • bebu

    Sparkplug, I love reading posts like this! Great job! Great work! Some rewards are waaaay better than just money.


  • Sparkplug

    Bebu- thanks. the really neat thing is we decided to adopt them on an ongoing basis. so they will have corporate help now. That is really kewl. The reward of seeing a bunch of people who can fight all day long at work, pul together and accomplish this felt really good. I especially like being able to do something that people have done for me. Having the media there also made the community aware and now, other donations are pulling in.

  • Billygoat

    Billy - I'm in if you plan it.

    I don't mind planning it at all. I've done it several times with my last job and it was a lot of fun. Lots of work, but lots of fun. It's basically providing a meal to all the patients and family staying at the Ronald McDonald House. We'll need enough food for 50 - 70 people. Whenever I've done it, we usually just did homecooked stuff: mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, a brisket, meatloa(ves), salad, brownies, etc. Everyone will need to pitch in food, money for food, or volunteer their time. Usually you need 3-4 people there about 3:30 to set up food for eating at 5:00 or so. Then we'll need an additional 3-4 people to serve and clean up. We also can eat with the house guests, which is really the best part...getting to hear their stories of why they're there. It's sometimes the only "homecooked" meal they'll get, as so many other volunteers bring them fast food or pizza. It usually last until 7:30 which includes clean up time. Sooo...

    When do you think we should do it? Should we do it close to the Walk? During the holidays? When a bunch of people come in from town or just the Dallasites? Anyone have any thoughts? Maybe I'll make a separate thread...

    *wheels turning*


  • Sparkplug

    Don't spin yer tires too hard Andi! I smell the burning rubber. I do know that the week of the walk November 5. I will be very busy. FMZ is coming down to do the diabetes walk and we are having a fest round that time. You are coming with Mozz right? Can't wait for November. I am so excited. So November and December are always very busy.

    But if you have a date in there, I will help if I am not strapped to another volunteer project.

    I am not sure about the ins and outs of the RMH. So I cannot offer any help as to when and what would be best.

  • prophecor

    I think I see a troll coming on

  • ChrisVance

    Good work, Sparkslug.

  • Sparkplug

    Chris- thank you..

    Prophecor. I missed that one, but I think a troll was amongst us. You are right again!

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