What time is it in your zone?

by sonnyboy 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • PaulJ
    I can't get no sleep!

    Great now im gunna be repeating that in my head!!!!! I love the Insomnia by Faithless!!!

  • JH

    6:77 am

  • talesin

    LMAO, is that Kewbeck time?

    Just kidding, just kidding,,, JH !


  • Crumpet
    If I drink water before sleeping my mouth gets dry and I have to continually drink more.

    Sonnyboy - if you put some squash or a little juice in it then it stops drying out your mouth. A slice of lemon is also good (and better for your teeth). You don't have to drink loads then - just the odd sleepy sip is enough to keep your talking box moist.

  • PaulJ


  • sonnyboy

    Thanks, Crumpet. I squeezed some lime juice into my water and it's much better.

    Well, it's 7:55 so I might as well stay up until 8:30 and call the vet. I know they'll ring my phone as soon as I doze off...that's the worst feeling.

  • D.O.X.

    hmm....am I central? is 10:04.

  • PaulJ

    4.02pm I can almost smell the weekend!!!!

  • prophecor

    11:25 now. Sonny Boy, did you ever go home. I saw post here that were long over 7AM for you. & 74, put down the Crazy Turkey, dreaming while drunk can be very dangerous. & Tal!!! if you're seeing this, someone left about 3 packages in your mail box. It's overflowing over here. Answer the door!!!

    Suddenly now it's 11:28AM Eastern Time. It'll 11:29 before this gets out in thr air. Or maybe 11:30AM We'll just have to see.

  • delilah

    Let me see, (looks over at the clock), it's uh, 3:04pm here in southern Ontario.....it's been raining, but the sun has been trying to come out......

    Delilah (of the "Thank God it's Friday, class)

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