Stella.........The greatest show of all time or 3 guys on crack?

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  • Leolaia

    It's a polarizing show, like many great shows are. You either like it or hate it. Maybe I like it more because I came to it with such low expectations and it pleasantly surprised me.

    dilaceratus....Yes I agree totally that the comedy is not physical like the Three Stooges. The similarity lies more in their collective inanity and getting into silly situations because of their stupidity, and the threesome dynamic. Pee-Wee Herman was simply immature in his own eccentric way, a man-child; the guys of Stella however have a mix of emotionally immature and stupid/silly traits and adult sophistication. It's hard not to laugh at guys who start a bonfire in their apartment so they can roast some weenies, yet run a complex election campaign in which their egos get in the way.

  • sonnyboy
    I have that problem, but it is because I need more RAM. Could that be your problem?


    I have 512MB of RAM and things usually download really fast. I don't know why I have a problem with torrents.

    Someone suggested that my firewall was the problem, but disabling it made no difference. The site(s) in question were allowed in my firewall settings anyway.

  • DanTheMan

    I loved Michael Ian Black on the VH1 specials, but he's worn a little thin with the not-really-all-that-funny Sierra Mist commercials. I'll check out the show though :)

  • troucul

    Micheal Ian Black was great in The State, however, being a sort of homophobe, he's been a little too 'gay' as of late.

    '3 guys on crack'?, lol--you know Lynrd Skynard was once reviewed as being "15 drunk guys up on stage."

  • Dune

    I think the commercials are funnier than the actual show.

  • dilaceratus

    13 August 2005
    The Stretch

    Dear Leolaia,

    "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" was a children's television show with elements which appealed to hipster adults, but the original Reubens characterization of Pee-Wee was far more openly transgressive than his apparent Harry Langdon-style infantilisms. Not coincidentally, Herman was the open inspiration for Letterman writers Chris Elliott and Adam Resnick, who went on to the spectacularly uneven, but nearly original, "Get A Life" series. The innumerable structural similarities between "Get A Life" and "Stella" are evident, if you think about it. Stella make the tactical move of splitting the obnoxiousness of Pee-Wee or Elliott up into three parts, so that it can battle openly, and switch more quickly, to the absurdist naivete (retardation).

    There was a long, disappointing, Vanity Fair profile of Reubens about five years ago, but a more complete analysis of his genuine originality and far-reaching influence will probably have to wait until after he dies, now.

    [Dilaceratus] BA MA Gershon Legman Studies

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