Stella.........The greatest show of all time or 3 guys on crack?

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  • JV

    Thanks to the marvels of bit torrent, i've stumbled upon this show starring Micheal Ian Black, whom i liked in Viva Variety and The State. I love this show and i've only seen three episodes.

    Anybody else out there like this show? If you like off-beat comedy i reccomend that you check it out.

  • sonnyboy

    I've never heard of that one. Where's it from?

    I would try to download the torrent but they take too long on my computer for some reason, and I have DSL. I tried to download the original pre SE Star Wars LD rips, and they will take 25 days a piece.

    Crazy! It goes from 0-12 kb/s. The average is around 6 kb/s.

  • JV

    It's a new comedy central show..... i'm downloading the 4th episode right now it's only 175 mb's and it's going at 50 kb/sec so it'll be done in and hour or so. I just leave my computer on over night when i'm downloading anything and most of the time it'll be finished.

  • Leolaia

    I love this's based on their '90s stage act. It's like a modern-day Three Stooges or Marx Brothers. When they ran commercials ahead of its premiere, it looked absolutely stupid. I thought it was just sketches and it looked plain dumb. But when I saw the pilot and the first few episodes in a marathon, I realized that each episode has a story and the chemistry and humor worked. The episode in which Ian runs a campaign for building manager (or whatever it was) was hilarious.

  • under74

    Really? You guys think it's funny?

  • PaulJ

    Its a nice beer.....

  • dilaceratus

    12 Augtober 2005
    The Pond

    Dear Leolaia,

    I don't think Stella's act is physical enough to be compared to the Three Stooges, or individually defined enough to compare them to the Marx Brothers. The best comparison is probably to three versions of Pee-Wee Herman, mixed up with the curiously co-dependent interpersonal dynamics of Laurel and Hardy.

    This series is actually far better than the videos and stage act they used to do at Fez. Again, like Paul Reubens (and to some extent, David Letterman), they are essentially meta-parodies, whose humor is contextual to their medium, and its self-imposed boundaries. On television their bad child personae are actually more comfortable, and inventive, within some sort of parental constraints (however illusory at this point).

    "Stella," along with "Arrested Development," are probably the most intelligent and worthwhile series currently in production ("Extras" has failed to be especially interesting), and thus suffer ratings doom.

    [Dilaceratus] BA MA Gershon Legman Studies

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk


    Agreed.ya cant beat the ol, er,wife beater!

  • talesin


    I have that problem, but it is because I need more RAM. Could that be your problem?


  • daystar

    I'm all for ridiculous humour, if it's funny. But I cannot stand this show. I just don't see the humour. *shrug*

    Now, The Office, or Reno 911, or American Dad... they're funny.

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