FAFSA WTF confusing???

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  • Dune

    Yeah. And you should try to get your dad to get a parental loan.

    Your school might also have a 5, 8 or 10 month payment plan, so call them.

    I'm pretty sure you'll be able to work during school (i do). I work about 20 hours a week. But you only really 12 if your dad can support some of your expenses.I just need to pay rent.

    I'm still suprised that they expect your peeps to fork over $31,000 though.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    uh why $31700 when tuition is only about $17000. and my account says i owe $4000. and i got a $2600 loan. i dont know what happened there. should i apply for another loan?

    If you'll do some quick research, you'll see that cost of attendence is what the government bases their figures on. Cost of attendence includes more than tuition and school fees--you have to live, right? That's all included in cost of attendence. Your best bet is to get in touch with your financial aid office and speak with them directly. Their job is to get you as much funding as possible--the school benefits from government aid too. They'll be glad to help you, but you must be specific about your questions and it will help if you spend a few hours on the fafsa website so you at least appear to not be wasting thier time. :-) The information is all on that site and at your financial aid office, is freely available, and will be more up-to-date and accurate than anything you'll get on this site.

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